» Interior Design Ideas to Make a Room Looks Smarter

January 12, 2021

It’s always been a difficult task to keep small living space organized. But, there are several smart interior decor ways to make a tiny room look bigger. Here are some of the best residential interior design ideas and tips that can transform your living room.

Finding a spacious home to either rent or buy within city limits would be more expensive. Thus, many home seekers with limited budget prefer small homes or studio apartments. With increasing real estate prices in cities and reduced homes sizes, it has become even more critical to follow smart interior design ideas to make your home look nice and chic.

Avoid Luxury Window Treatments

For small sized rooms don’t use window treatments that are too heavy and ornate. These luxury widow treatments add beauty to the room, but these drapes and curtains that are made of heavy materials will restrict the room from getting natural light. So it’s better to make use of the window in a small room to bring in light to every corner. Especially, light-coloured walls along with the sunlight would make your tiny living space look larger. Sheer lace curtains, slatted window blinds, or bamboo shades are ideal for uplifting your interior décor of the room.

Prefer Light Colours

Always say a big ‘No’ to darker colours in interior spaces for walls and other dominant room features like curtains, sofas etc., if the size of your room is small. According to interior design experts, lighter colours would bring in the illusion of a larger area. Though dark colour themes are more trendy and design-friendly, it best suits the spacious rooms. If you use a dark colour in a space-challenged room, it will make it look even smaller.

Wall with Stripes

When it comes to wall decoration in small indoor spaces, adding either vertical or horizontal stripes to the interior design can generate the illusion of larger space. To make your living room look wider, it’s best to use horizontal stripes. And, vertical stripes help to make your look larger in an upward direction. Also, ensure the colour that you use matches the rest of the furniture and fabrics in your room.

Choose Furniture with Legs

While buying indoor furniture for your home, always prefer the ones which have legs, as it opens up a small space. When it comes to large furniture without legs that rests directly on the floor, it will consume more space and would make the room interior look even smaller. On the other hand, furniture with legs showing will make your small room look brighter with more light. Alternately the room is easy to clean and also small things can be pushed under the furniture like foot wear when you are sitting in the room, low tables and stools.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

When you live in a small living space, it’s always ideal to use multifunctional furniture to utilize space in a tiny room. You can prefer sofa with storage facility or a fainting couch that opens for storage. To create more space in a small living room, it’s better to downsize the furniture in your room.