Established in 1995, RDIL is a real estate developer with a presence in Ahmedabad and Gujarat in India. The company is amongst the most profitable players in Ahmedabad. It offers residential, commercial, weekend homes & plotted projects.

RDIL is a developer with offices in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, where it is in demand among online casino players. The foundation of a successful corporate conglomerate at RDIL was laid on behalf of C. Patel & Co by a visionary man Mr. Chunibhai K. Patel with over 50 years of experience in the construction and supervision industry, read also nhl presidents trophy curse. Thus, RDIL has developed its strength thanks to its capable past Chairman and Founder Shri Prafulbhai S. Patel, who is known to many online casino players.

The foundation of this successful corporate conglomerate was laid in the name of C. Patel & Co. by a farsighted and visionary man Mr. Chunibhai C. Patel with over 50 years of experience in the business of construction and supervision. The company has evolved its strength from its able past Chairman and founder Shri Prafulbhai C Patel. Currently the Company and Group is led by Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Ashish Patel. Mr. Ashish Patel is supported by other Directors on the Board of the Company. These comprise of Mrs. Jahnavi A. Patel, Mr. Bharat Pandya, Mr. Rahul Krishkumar Mehra, Mr. Tusharkumar Patel and Mr. Alok Vaidya.

It has a niche in various aspects like Design, Sustainability & Customer Satisfaction. The Group is currently developing an estimated 400,000 million sq. ft. of prime real estate] development and has 3 ongoing projects across Ahmedabad. RDIL‘s vision of being a leading name in the industry by applying the best practices and innovative concepts of construction for ‘Building a Quality Life’ extends across markets with several landmark developments to its credit. Pioneering new trends in the market, the Group has introduced varied forms of projects for all consumers within easy reach.

The RDIL Group has completed many projects in Ahmedabad and in the near vicinity of Ahmedabad with a variety of projects ranging from Residential Projects like Flats, Bungalows, Farmhouses, etc. to Commercial Projects and Industrial Projects and is heralding a new chapter of growth for Ahmedabad. Ever since its inception, the name RDIL stands for quality, craftsmanship, and expertise. At RDIL whatever we do, it speaks of our attachment towards perfection, precision, and quality.

RDIL’s clean and neat contemporary design, excellent execution, differentiated branding and marketing together with energetic on-ground sales have worked well to create the best value for customers. Going beyond its role as a premier real estate developer, RDIL has been a socially responsible corporate, focusing on education & helping the underprivileged as the best medium to enrich society.



Our vision is to be a leading name in the industry by applying the best practices and innovative concepts of construction and enhanced lifestyle coupled with a sustainable environment. And we make sure that this perspective of ours is reflected across all the structures we build for ‘Building Quality Life’



Our mission is to change the landscape of urban India with innovative construction concepts. In our pursuit of this mission, we consistently remain extremely price- competitive and highly quality conscious to execute premium projects packed with style, luxury, and comfort



‘Quality’ is one of the intrinsic parts of our business ethics. We are committed to delighting our customers by improving their quality of life. We will continuously improve our processes and adopt ethical practices by engaging our employees and stakeholders assuring the best construction discipline and organizational commitment. All our vendors and suppliers are selected very cautiously and are vetted by our in-house Engineers, The Inspection team and other laborers and Employees see to it that the policy and Strategies are followed and make sure that the company delivers what it promises.

At RDIL we not only make buildings with great aesthetic appeal but also take great care to ensure that they are safe and sturdy. All our projects are certified by leading Structural Engineers, and the Quality Certification is done by Certified Institutes. We always use the Best in Class building materials. Moreover, our team of skilled workers and other professionals ensure superior quality standards during every stage of work. We endeavor to surpass statutory and regulatory standards applicable to our industry.


Our Technology

Ever since our inception, we have been a forerunner in technological innovations and advancements. We stay ahead of our competition by utilizing the most modern methodology latest in Construction Industry for Quality and Cost Effectiveness for commitment to excel in the construction field. Our attitude towards customer centricity coupled with our experienced personnel, keeps us on the cutting edge of the Industry.

We have alliances with National & International Architects & Consultants to provide the best Construction Technology Support and Equipment. We are committed to continuously Assess and improve our environmental performance. Our management has made great efforts in reducing energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of the technology used necessary for making the constructions eco-friendly.


The name, ‘Radhe Developers’ stands synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and expertise.

The journey to this solid and pristine reputation began five decades ago with the vision and determination of Mr Chunibhai C. Patel. He ventured into the world of business with his vision for the construction and supervision industry. He built the business brick by brick with his integrity, and commitment to quality, precision and perfection as the basic materials. His vision led him to create a niche in the real estate sector across the state of Gujarat in India. His mission led him to create a trusted brand which offers residential, commercial, plotting and related projects with the USP of the brand being design innovation, architectural excellence, supreme quality, sustainable outlook and timely completion of the project.

Our work has created the infrastructure for a futuristic world by employing meticulous attention to detail, adherence to deadlines and an unadulterated resolve to create a perfect world!

Radhe Developers grew bigger and stronger under the vision, leadership and chairmanship of the ex-chairman and founder Mr Prafulbhai C Patel. Today, the company has successfully established several esteemed residential projects like apartments, bungalows, farmhouses etc. to commercial and industrial projects, in and around the city of Ahmedabad.

With incredible new projects in the pipeline, the company is on the path of creating construction marvels and leading the expansion of Ahmedabad.
The essence and secret of the success of Radhe Developers are embedded in the leadership’s commitment to professionalism and quality management.

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