» How to Waterproofing Your Home?

July 21, 2018

People are increasingly becoming conscious about their homes and their upkeep. Waterproofing is one area where people have shown much caution in recent times. One of the foremost reasons for the increased precautionary measures is that dampness or moisture can prove very damaging to any edifice or construction. Consequently, a lot of money can be wasted due to unexpected seepage of water into walls or the woodwork, which requires a lot of time and effort to be fixed.

Moreover, the presence of moisture can even result in corrosion of the steel framework, thus putting the whole structure at risk. Hence, it is essential that adequate waterproofing steps be taken in order to avoid any hassles in the future. In order to protect your valuable property and to avoid any future inconvenience, you need to take strict measures to waterproof your house at the earliest.

  • It is highly recommended to consult a qualified engineer or architect, with relevant experience in the domain, for an appropriate waterproofing method to be followed in order to avoid any sort of hassles and damage.
  • Kota stone and bitumen are the most commonly used effective waterproofing material for construction. But, with the advancement in technology, various specialized compounds are also available and can be used as effective waterproofing solutions.
  • Nowadays, myriad waterproofing techniques are available that can be availed during and after the construction of the house.
  • The choice of waterproofing method also depends upon various factors, which can range from the location of the property to the cost of the whole process.
  • Many expensive and latest methods such as fiber-mesh and APP sheets are also being used to form waterproof layers for high-cost constructions such as malls and shopping complexes.

Therefore, it is recommended that people conduct a thorough research before zeroing in on a waterproofing solution that can save the structure from long-term and short-term risks.