» How to Keep Your Home Electrically Safe

August 8, 2020

Did you know, at least 40% of fire accidents reported in India are caused by electrical issues? As per the data provided by the Indian Copper Association India (ICA-India), the year 2016-17 witnessed 11,444 electrical accidents. That said, electricity-related accidents at home can be avoided by taking the following essential safety precautions.

Use the correct wattage in all fixtures and appliances

Sometimes following safety tips as simple as using the right wattage can help prevent electrical accidents. Check and recheck the wattage on all the fixtures and appliances. For any unmarked fixtures, always choose bulbs/appliances no more than 25-watts.
Never overload

Extension cords and multi-outlet converters may make your morning rush seem more manageable. But one must remember that power strips only add outlets and they do not change the amount of power. So it is important to not overload outlets at home. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), it is very important to not use more than one heat-producing appliance in an outlet at a time.
Make regular checks

Spend a few minutes every once in a while to check for any fraying or cracking in extension cords and wiring. Simple safety measures can help prevent major accidents in the future. Ensure that you replace or repair damaged electrical cords or appliances as soon as possible to keep your family safe.

Check all your electrical appliances, switchboards, and gadgets for unusual heating. Hot switchboards could indicate internal damage and may need replacement.
Give appliances enough space for air circulation

Always avoid running appliances out of cabinets and closed spaces. Without proper air circulation, your equipment may overheat, short out, and cause electrical fires. It is always a safe practice to place appliances a few feet away from walls.
Let’s talk water heaters

India reports many cases of water heater accidents every year. Water heaters/geysers are some of the most dangerous everyday appliances at homes and need regular maintenance checks. Get a qualified electrician to service these water heaters at least twice in a year for safe usage.
Keep electrical devices away from water

When working with electrical appliances, make sure your hands are dry. Keep all your equipment dry and away from water to prevent any instance of electrocution. Also remember to keep your electrical equipment away from aquariums, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and pools.

Use good quality electrical cords and equipment

While it is easy to keep an eye on electrical equipment and cords in your home, it is also very important to speak to your builder to use only the best available electrical supplies. Quality wires and sockets that adhere to electrical safety standards can help prevent fire accidents caused by faulty electrical equipment.