» Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

March 24, 2019

General perception about home improvement ideas is that they are time consuming and end you end up with a big hole in your pockets. When it comes changing your home décor, it is not necessary that you will have to spend a lot of money to make your home look adorable. And, if you have only a limited budget then it’s vital that you spend your money wisely. Here are some of the affordable home improvement ideas that will help you to enhance the beauty of your home;

Add Lighting in Outdoors

Apart from decorating the interiors of your home, it’s also very important to make the exterior of your home look charming. Using proper lighting to light the exterior of the house is one of the best home improvement ideas to make your home shine during dusk. There are several solar lighting products available in the market these days that are not only more technologically advanced but are energy efficient too. Such lighting fixtures might seem expensive initially but are cost effective in long run. Thus, you don’t have to switch off the exterior lights during night time. Eventually, this will also help in keeping burglars away.

Install Molding

One of the key home decor features distinguishing an elegant room from a normal room is the attention to Molding. Apart from being affordable, these wooden Moldings come in hundreds of designs. Be it simple or ornate, you can choose according to your need, taste and budget. Especially, you can prefer moldings which come in flexible materials such as foam, as it will make your installation work easier. Also, there are moldings in the market that includes lighting, as well. Such moldings are ideal if you want to conceal your light fixtures. A simple home improvement idea like molding can enhance the look f your house drastically.

Here are few suggestions on molding;

  • It’s always the best to install crown molding, as it will make your room look spacious. However, you have to be more concerned about proportions while installing it. If your ceiling height is less prefer simpler styles to avoid overdoing it.
  • While installing chair railing, ensure that you place them at one-third distance of the ceiling height. Placing a chair railing is important, as it can affect the proportion of the room.
  • Also, installing wooden moldings around the doors, entryways, and windows is also important to add more elegance to your home.

Choose a Right Ceiling Fan

While decorating your home, ensure that you have a stylish ceiling fan that matches the interiors of your living room or bedroom. If you have old or outdated ceiling fans replace them with new and trendy ones which gives an appealing look to your living space. Also, ceiling fans won’t cost you much.

Follow these ideas while installing ceiling fans at home;

Fix a ceiling fan 7 or 8 feet above the floor. If you have got a low ceiling at home, get a hugger ceiling fan that’s flush mounted.

Prefer ceiling fans that are energy efficient to reduce your electricity cost. Also, ensure that you buy a quality product with less noise and good cooling results.