» Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen

March 5, 2022

Vaastu is a traditional Indian methodology to balance energy in our homes. Vaastu emphasizes a lot on design, layout, spatial geometry, and space arrangement. Though there are no strict rules in Vaastu, there are suggestions that if followed properly can be helpful.

Vaastu is based on the concept that a house is not just a building but embodies a living spirit. Hence, it should be designed and managed in such a way that enforces positivity and reduces negativity to promote overall financial, mental, and physical well-being.

In this blog, we will let our readers learn more about Vaastu and how through these small and simple tips, one can make their home Vaastu-compliant. The inaugural post is on the kitchen space. We will subsequently have more posts on various other important parts of the house such as the living room, bedroom, and meditation/prayer room.

Kitchen in South East Direction

The kitchen is a place where cooking on stoves takes place which represents the fire element. The South East direction is best for fire and hence it is suggested that kitchens should be in the South-East direction.

Distance B/W Kitchen and Bedroom

If possible, the kitchen and bedroom should be far off from each other as both of them deal with different types of energy.

Stove/ Burner

The stove/burner should be placed in the southeast in the kitchen and the lit should face east. It can increase the peace and health of the house owner as per Vaastu.

Sinks in Kitchen

It is advisable to put the kitchen sinks in the northeast direction. Also sink is associated with the water element and the stove is the fire element, neither of which should be very close by.

Lots of Windows and Exhaust

Use at least two windows and ensure there is an exhaust so that negative energy and negativity can be flushed out.

Color Combination

One should avoid using black as a color scheme in any place in the kitchen. Rather, it is recommended that bright colors such as red, orange, and greens be used instead to create more vibrancy & harmony.