» Advantages of Rent To Own Property

August 16, 2022

Many property owners these days are more than ever ready to offer their properties with the Rent-To-Own option. The primary reason is that there are more properties in comparison to potential buyers. Before moving into the house the potential buyer has to sign a document. According to the document, the property buyer usually has to pay an increased/specific amount of rent to the property owner till the time he/she finally buys the property. There are many Advantages of Rent-To-Own Property which are the following:

Advantages for Property Buyers

  • Experience the Home & Neighborhood: The Rent-To-Own option gives opportunity to the buyer to stay in the property for a considerable time on rent. This way the buyer can judge whether his/her stay in the property would be pleasant or bad. The buyer can also experience the neighborhood overwhelmingly before finally deciding to purchase the property.
  • Enough Time to Arrange Finance: Buying property means making a lifetime investment! Getting the loans sanctioned from the banks is also at times very time-consuming. By signing the Rent-To-Own option contract, the property buyer gets enough time to arrange the money. The property buyer can also meanwhile sell the old house at the desired price and buy the new property when the full amount for buying the new property (in which he/she is living on rent) has been arranged.

Advantages for Property Seller

  • Savings on Maintenance Cost: When a property owner gives a property to a buyer on the Rent-To-Own option, it becomes the sole responsibility of the buyer to take care of the property. The buyer also feels conscientious about maintaining the property properly as it would be his/her future property.
  • Fixed Selling Price: The selling price is mentioned in the contract signed between the buyer and seller. In case future, the property price falls; the property buyer would be bound to give the decided price as written on the contract. The tenant wishing to purchase the property is usually allowed to stay in the property for 2-3 years and rent has to be paid every month. The tenant may also be required as per the contract to make a non-refundable deposit to the property owner. In the event the tenant is unable to buy the property; the property owner has the liberty to sell the property to any other buyer.