» Adorn Your Interior In A Scientific Manner

June 2, 2018


Vastu, which is known as “The Science of Architecture” is a term that was actually coined to bring out the importance of Architecture to people so that they start following it. The interiors built according to Vastu are meant to integrate architecture with nature and all the aspects surrounding it. It helps in channelizing the energy to a positive direction in order to enhance peace, prosperity and success in your life. When we visit somebody’s house, we notice various things which we consider as a part of decorative materials like paintings, statues of animals, etc. They are not just showpieces but they are actually made a part of the interiors for a reason. And the reason is Vastu. Each and every object that you buy to decorate your interiors have some motive which affects in different ways. Following are some of the things you should consider while decorating your interiors.

1) Choice of decorative items

Have you ever given a thought to the statues of a tortoise or laughing Buddha seen in somebody’s house? They are not just mere showpieces but according to Vastu, they play a vital role in affecting your personal life? For example, Lord Budha which is one of the most common statues that can be seen in most of the houses is considered to bring prosperity in one’s life. Other statues like dancing lady statue symbolize excitement and movement. Therefore, you should buy such products after considering these factors.

2) Beam position

This is also one of the most important factors that constitutes to your mood and health. if your living rooms have exposed beams, they are considered to affect your mood which makes you depressed, leading to disagreements and arguments in the family. But if you have bought a house and cannot help it, then you should avoid sitting beneath beam as it will keep your mind occupied with something or the other to be worried about. You can also mask the beams with the help of fall ceiling or by hanging a lamp or chandelier.

 3) Choice of color to paint your walls

When you enter a house, the first thing that grabs your attention is the color of walls. According to Vastu, the color used in your homes plays a vital role in affecting your mood and the character of the residents. There are a few colors you must avoid like red, black and grey at the entrance. Colors which you should apply are blue, yellow, white and dark green.

4) Choice of plants

Presence of plants in a house used to be a rare sight but it has become quite common from past few years because of Vastu as the placement and type of plants also affects your prosperity. Plants like Tulsi (basil) or money plant should be kept inside the house as they bring happiness and prosperity whereas, plants such as cactus, rose or bonsai trees should be kept outside.

5) Spacious Bedrooms

The way you arrange your furniture reflects your organizing abilities. A cluttered room always gives a negative feeling whereas a neatly furnished room gives the impression of you being an organized and efficient individual. According to Vastu, a cluttered bedroom brings negative vibrations. Your bedroom is a place where you feel relaxed and composed so it should be spacious enough to let you loose and ease.