» 5 Economical Tips To Renovate Your House

July 10, 2020

Renovation makes your house look more beautiful and helps you to utilize the available space in accordance to your preferences and requirements. It also gives a modern and contemporary touch to your property. But excitement of getting your home renovated has to be accompanied with a well-thought plan, so that your hard earned-money and times doesn’t go in vein. Renovating a home is indeed a big-task with usually needs big-budget too. Mostly people end up shelling more than they have initially decided for the renovation of their home. But if you invest a little in knowing how you can plan things correctly, for sure you can save a lot and get your dream home without digging a hole in your pocket.

Bring In The Natural Light

When renovating the house, it is imperative to think long-term cost-savings. Instead of installing fancy lights in the house, opt for options that let the natural light come in. Give way to large windows that let the natural sunlight seep into the house. If you do not want to spend extra bucks in cutting out a big hole in the wall for a window, you can also install ‘light tubes’ in the dingy areas inside the house to let sunshine funnel into the rooms. Moreover, you can also save on the labor cost spent for installing the expensive light fixtures.

Get Stuff From Auctions, Sales Or Tradies’ Sources

To save some extra bucks while renovating the house, investing in stuff from the auctions, sales and tradies’ sources is a wise bet. Research online or go around your neighborhood to find the auctions performed by those selling off their belongings. You would be surprised to see the quality of items you can find at such auctions. Moreover, online stores are always up with seasonal sales. You can make the most of this opportunity and get a number of things at a discounted price. Another great option to buy different things like tiles, wooden frames etc., at a discounted price of from the traders or the people working on your renovation. More often than not, these tradies have some remaining stuff from their previous projects which they can readily offer at a low price.

 Recycle The Discarded Items

Get creative and use your DIY skills to recycle and reuse the items clubbed and discarded in the trash category. The less used fixtures and building materials can be used once again in the renovation work. Salvage all the materials like the skylights, fittings, curtain rods, window panes etc., to reuse them in the renovation. These things can be customized and given a new touch to be used once again. In fact, the doors of the house which cast the first impression can also be installed again after giving them a fresh paint if they are in an optimal condition.

Cover Up The Rough Walls

If the walls of the house have gone too rough and require days of labor for filling and sanding the walls, it’s better to cover them up. There are various items available in the market that can be used as a cover-up for such walls. Texturglas is one such material which can be spread over a rough wall to give it a smooth and new-line texture. Wooden or tile wainscoting can also be used to cover the lower portion of the wall that is usually more damaged. The wall behind the bed or sofas can be covered up using tufted faux leather panels. Metallic wallpapers can also be used on one of the walls of the house to highlight the wall and give the room a classy yet chic look.

Install Crown Moldings Or False Ceilings

While renovating the ceiling of the house, you can save a lot of money by installing false ceilings or crown moldings. Both of them are the modern and contemporary style used for giving the ceiling a completely new look. A false ceiling can be put up at a much lower cost than the repairing and renovation of a ceiling. Moreover, crown moldings can be used to give an upgraded look to the home. You can opt for materials like plaster, wood, MDF, polystyrene, flex, and polyurethane etc., to give a new look to your ceiling at a cheap price.