» 10 Treehouses From Across The Globe For A Dreamy Getaway

May 8, 2020

1.) Mirror Treehouse, Sweden

What’s a treehouse that doesn’t help you hide out from the rest of the world? The Mirror Treehouse in Sweden offers the perfect camouflage with its mirrored exteriors. By reflecting everything from the trees and the birds to the sun and sky, this treehouse seems almost invisible in the untouched jungles. If getting lost in the jungles is your dream, this four-meter glass cube will be your perfect dream treehouse.

2.) Treehouse Point, Washington

For those who dream of luxury in the mid of nature, Treehouse Point in Washington is your answer. Located right outside Seattle in Issaquah, the Treehouse Point has all the facilities and amenities that you get in any other resort but with the added advantage of a treehouse setting. It is not just perfect for glamping but also makes an ideal vacation spot for those who love to take a nature walk around the trees and beside a river.

3.) Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland

Located in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia, the Silky Oaks Lodge is the perfect place to experience nature from within. This luxury resort overlooks the crystal clear river which makes it an even better retreat. A stay in this treehouse would help you experience tranquility. You can choose from the Daintree Treehouse, Garden Treehouse, Deluxe Treehouse, The Billabong Suite, The Lodge Suite, and the River Treehouse as per your preferences.

4.) FincaBellavista, Costa Rica

If you dream is to live in the rainforest canopies of Costa Rica and experience its natural setting from close, the FincaBellavista Treehouse should be your sole choice. You can lock yourself out of the material world outside and enjoy the company of nature in this treehouse community. Enjoy hiking, zip lining, night hiking, garden tours, birdwatching, yoga, surfing, and other excursions on your stay at this amazing treehouse.

5.) Muskosa Treehouse, Ontario

Popular as one of the coolest and the most amazing treehouses in the world, the Treehouse in Muskosa makes for a great retreat. On a dark night, this treehouse resembles a Japanese well-lit lantern in the midst of the forest. This treehouse is three-storeyed and is constructed by designer Lukasz Kos in such a way that it does not have any harmful impact on the surrounding trees of the flora and fauna of the area.

6.) Tetsu Treehouse, Japan

Hovering amid the beautiful cherry blossoms trees in Hokuto City in Japan, the Tetsu Treehouse is one of the most beautiful treehouses in the world. It is a surreal setting makes for a great escape. It is around 20 meters above the ground as is as beautiful from within as it looks from the outside.

7.) Bird’s Nest Treehouse, Sweden

As the name suggests, the Bird’s Nest Treehouse looks exactly like a huge bird’s nest amidst the forest. The way it is camouflaged in the nature and will surprise you as you step inside. Once you enter, the rustic charm fades out and you witness a classic interior with all the comfort and luxury you can ask for in a relaxing vacation. This exotic treehouse is located in Sweden and has its own spa, bar, and restroom.

8.) Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse, Canada

For the free spirited souls, the Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse in Canada offers a very unique setting for the treehouse lovers. The spherical shape of this treehouse makes it so different from others. These spheres seem like they are suspended from the space in a huge spider’s web made of rope. One can reach its rooms through a round staircase and escape into the perfect rest house while being suspended in midair.

9.) Hemloft Treehouse, Canada

An egg-shaped treehouse in Whistler, Canada has been attracting the attention of hikers in the country. If you are looking for a secret hideout deep in the woods, the Hemloft Treehouse is where you should spend your next vacation. It was built and self-funded by a carpenter Joel Allen as a labor of love. So, if you are also planning for a romantic escapade, this treehouse is your go-to place.

10.) Out N’ About Treehouse, USA

Offering a plethora of activities to all its visitors, the Out N’ About Treehouse is one of the ideal ones in Oregon, USA. A ropeway bridge, swinging between a tree and the treehouse make for an adventurous entrance. One can enjoy a number of sports like horse-riding, zip lining, swimming, etc., during their stay here.

If an escape into the nature is on your mind, booking a treehouse in one of the aforementioned locations is the ideal choice. These are some of the most unique and beautiful treehouses in the world that will make your natural getaway more amazing.

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