» Summer Vacation Means Fun With Family!

March 2, 2023

Summer is around the corner! Whether you love it or you hate it, you got to face it, folks! For the ones who dread the scorching heat of the sun, the rising pollution levels, the sweat, the claustrophobia… we have a splendid idea to fill your hearts with excitement and curiosity!
Well, Summer is also a time for vacations! That much-awaited fun time with family! While the first visual that comes to mind is the splash in the pool, those long evening hours outdoors, playing, jogging, walking, just lazing around; it’s time to take a break from the routine and enjoy the vacation with mangoes, masti & more!

The city noise and clutter are already too exasperating. All that one desires is a place that’s peaceful, serene, and visually pleasing. We resonate with your innermost feelings and therefore bring to you, a place that’s your joy abode, Radhe Abode, the ‘Land of Dreams’!
Escape the city’s havoc and enjoy an environment of bliss with your loved ones! A place that gives you ample possibilities to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate, beat the stress, and start afresh! Relish every moment with your family and make happy memories!

With attractive amenities to entice you and your kids, for every age group, there is something that interests and intrigues you. From the picturesque landscaping to peppy coffee corners, from the multifaceted Clubhouse to multiple indoor and outdoor games and sports, from the swimming pool to the relaxing pavilions, everything here is tailor-made for your comfort and ease.

A feeling of ecstasy surrounds as you enter Radhe Abode, the land of dreams! Situated at 45 km from the city of Ahmedabad, at Chhabasar, Bavla, Radhe Abode is a residential plots scheme, with plots starting from 675 sq. yds. just at RS 50 lacs!

Say Hello Summer with a smile and make umpteen plans with your family at Radhe Abode, your ‘go to’ Weekend Home! Plan your Saturdays well, filled with fun and frolic, amidst fresh air and lush greenery. Get Set for Spectacular Summers ahead!

Location: Near new YMCA club, Chhabasar, Bavla
For more details, contact us on 97277 64997