» Pay a hefty amount just to COMPROMISE!

March 15, 2023

Just a bunch of people doing things doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you too. We’re followers by nature and sleepwalking our choices might not accomplish, what we always dreamt of; followers have never made history!

When you want to live a grand life doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have the three generations’ wealth and privileges! To live a better life, you’d go to exotic locations and may sign up with good clubs to spend your weekends and escape.

We know your fixation with a club membership! The exorbitant amount that you pay, yet wait in queues to play your favorite sport or have that sip of coffee! Well, the wait is what you pay for, right?

Wrong! It’s time you do away with those set notions and change your mindset! A shift in your mind gear can do wonders! Why would you choose to use the shared amenities and services even after paying a hefty amount for club membership? Instead, why not create your OWN PRIVATE CLUB HOUSE??

Radhe Abode presents an exclusive prerogative to enjoy your favorite sport or a splash in the pool, within your private space! No sharing, no waiting, simply your time, anytime, and all yours, exclusively! Seems interesting?!

Well, it surely is an enticing option! A home away from home, enjoy your weekends of leisure at the ‘land of dreams’, Radhe Abode! All that you love doing, accommodates your passion and fascination, all under the Sun, here at Radhe Abode.

Be it a game of badminton, volleyball, swimming, or exercising, customize your space with all that gives you pleasure! Your very own, private clubhouse is here!

So, what would you choose? A club membership with its severe loopholes, waiting, sharing blah blah blah, or a land that opens up umpteen opportunities; your very own paradise! Moreover, the land is an appreciating asset, while club membership is surely not! That’s an insight for sure!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be a follower; be the leader of your own life. The Land of Dreams, Radhe Abode is waiting for your arrival! Residential plots starting from 675 sq. yds. onwards; all you ever wanted to do at the club is now possible at your villa! Leisurely time, family time, fun time, memorable time, your private clubhouse! See you then!

Location: Near the new YMCA club, Chhabasar, Bavla
For more details, contact us on 97277 64997