Peace of Mind!

The concept of a home is aligned with the need to find a peaceful space to relax and listen to your favourite songs of the 90s and 70s. A place where you can lose yourself to the soothing slurp of a hot cup of tea in the midst of a calming quiet away from the maddening noise of the workday in the city.
Every man and machine needs a break and the peace of mind goes for something timeless and natural. The old songs pick us up from the current hustle and clutter and take us to the nostalgic time and so do the chirping birds.
We might not be able to change your week, but we can change your weekends.

How about listening to songs and sipping tea in your own private garden or a private terrace amongst nature and zooming out from the conveyor belt and recharging yourself?

If your answer is Yes, then follow us into the beautiful concept of Radhe Abode.

Starting from 675 sq. yards, Radhe Abode offers you a premium residential plotting scheme at a plot price starting from Rs. 50 Lakhs. You can build your own cosy bungalow in this resourceful location on your own sweet plot. We will take care of the job of making your new home a little more luxurious by surrounding you with all the luxuries and amenities you have always dreamt of.

A cool and well-equipped gym to keep yourself fit will be really close to you.
A soothing swimming pool to splash away your stress will be really close to you.
A library to enrich your mind will be really close to you.
A comfy coffee corner will be really close to you.

Whatever you can wish for, will be really close to you at Radhe Abode.

At Radhe Abode, Comfort and Peace will be your neighbours.