Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vaastu is a traditional Indian methodology to balance energy in our homes. Vaastu emphasizes a lot on design, layout, spatial geometry, and space arrangement. Though there are no strict rules in Vaastu, there are suggestions which if followed properly can be helpful.

Vaastu is based on the concept that a house is not just a building but embodies a living spirit. Hence, it should be designed and managed in such a way that enforces positivity and reduces negativity to promote overall financial, mental, and physical well-being.

In this blog, we will let our readers learn more about Vaastu and how through these small and simple tips, one can make their home Vaastu-compliant. The inaugural post is on the kitchen space. We will subsequently have more posts on various other important parts of the house such as the living room, bedroom, and meditation/prayer room.

Kitchen in South East Direction

The kitchen is a place where cooking on stoves takes place which represents the fire element. The South East direction is best for fire and hence it is suggested that kitchens should be in the South-East direction.

Distance B/W Kitchen and Bedroom

If possible, the kitchen and bedroom should be far off from each other as both of them deal with different types of energy.

Stove/ Burner

The stove/burner should be placed in southeast in the kitchen and the lit should face east. It can increase peace and health of the house owner as per Vaastu.

Sinks in Kitchen

It is advisable to put the kitchen sinks in the north east direction. Also sink is associated with the water element and stove is the fire element, neither of which should be very close by.

Lots of Windows and Exhaust

Use at least two windows and ensure there is an exhaust so that negative energy and negativity can be flushed out.

Color Combination

One should avoid using black as a color scheme in any place of the kitchen. Rather, it is recommended that bright colors such as red, orange, and greens be used instead to create more vibrancy & harmony.

Radhe Developers performs bhumi pujan for plotting/villa project Radhe Acres

The Radhe Developers performed bhumi pujan and laid the foundation of their plotting/villa project Radhe Acres at site near Ahmedabad.

This project has exuberant lush green area, light filled living spaces, breath taking scenic views along with traditional & modern amenities like temples, swimming pool, café and a club.

Crucial Tips for NRIs Investing in Indian Real Estate

Non Residential Indians (NRI’s) holding Indian passports, unlike foreign origin people, hold similar rights as Indian residents in property ownership norms under FEMA rules. They can invest and own Land in the form of Residential and Commercial units, except forests, or agricultural land. Smart NRI’s have taken advantage of these rights and favourable exchange rate differentials to buy properties for their investment potential and sometimes a future retirement home.

However, it’s not always smooth sailing for them. Stories are around of NRI’s falling prey to wrong property investment decisions including fraudulent ones. Real estate, like all financial investments require proper due diligence on the part of the buyer. Here are some tips for the discerning NRI investor who wants to invest in the Indian Real Estate Market:

Purpose: NRI’s are advised to understand their risk appetite and invest in Indian Real Estate with a clear purpose. If its returns that they are interested in, they can get direct exposure by buying real estate units in a developed area and then renting it out. They could also buy equity shares of listed real estate developers which could give them an indirect exposure. NRI buyers sometimes also look for a future retirement home, and this could lead them to investing in a developing area.

Location: Like any real estate deal the world over, location is important. In a country like India where infrastructure lags demand, a location closer to better infrastructure would yield greater long term returns.

Reputation of developer: It is imperative for any customer to do a thorough check of the track record of the developer if it’s a primary sale. Past delays in project implementation and history of complying with laws will give a good indication of the reliability of the developer.

Government policies: Real estate in India is susceptible to changing government regulations. Investment in forest, plantation and agricultural areas are a no-go for NRI’s. Policies related to leasehold, freehold, zoning areas require careful understanding in addition to future plans of the government for that location.

Legal title/document checks: It would be advisable for the NRI buyer to also check the legality of the property. Confirmation should be sought about current owner, past history, any legal disputes, and local regulatory approvals before any deal.

Tax implications: NRI’s should also think through the tax implications including withholding taxes, TDS at the time of a purchase, rental taxes and property taxes should be properly understood with the help of a tax attorney. For NRI’s looking for capital appreciation, it is recommended to stay invested for at least three years to avoid short-term capital gain tax.

Finally, property management is crucial. NRI’s would do well to hire a good property manager or a broker as they may not be in the country all the time. This combined with a sound exit strategy at the appropriate time with good returns will provide the peace of mind every deserving NRI should get when they invest in the Indian Real Estate market.

Residential Apartments In Ahmedabad Good Investment Option

Ahmedabad, the town of dreams should be visited at least once in your life span. Ahmedabad is developing extremely fast as people constantly look to stay in Ahmedabad with the aim of follow a good career, and several people come just to visit it as a traveler’s place. Regularly, the population is quickly growing and residential properties in Ahmedabad are developing to give safe haven to the upcoming age group.

With the growing employment prospects people are rushing to purchase the apartment for sale in Ahmedabad so that they have their personal permanent safe house. The increasing population these days is evenly supported by the increased buying power that’s why the public are in a rush to purchase apartment for sale in India. As per this existing trend you can say that India is certainly experiencing an apartment boom.

The real estate companies of Ahmedabad are trying tougher to fulfill the ever augmenting demand of Real Estate Properties in Ahmedabad. Really with the growing industries and the development of different types of industry people are coming to live in these big cities for practiced purposes and this trend make them search a good living place for themselves through their family.

So it becomes necessary to have a decent flat or house where they can stay and live their life quietly. But at the same time they require to think regarding their budget too. That is why they search a support that could help them in getting the right home or flats in Ahmedabad without crossing their budget. Hence the major motto of the Ahmedabad real estate is not just to offer their customers a good home or flat, but to offer them a reasonable one which they can simply pay for.

Furnished flats in Ahmedabad differ a lot in the cost range because of the quality and advantage every suburb provides. While several suburbs offer transport benefits, some have a great comfortable lifestyle.

Here are several of the reasons why the city tops the list of sought-after asset destinations:

  • Ahmedabad offers a good confined market for absorbing resale actions.
  • An increasing number of builders are currently offering transparent exit options. As there is ease of exit, investors choose such markets.
  • The market provides good-looking discounts and schemes.
  • In 2022, the residential record piled up in Ahmedabad & this gave investors a possibility to get good bargains.

Another motive is the introduction of global companies to Ahmedabad that has impacted the assets values. Their arrival, of Multinationals, Information technology giant and further big companies in Ahmedabad has spurred the latent demand for high-end and luxury properties. The expert employed with these companies has high salaries and hence opt to buy 2 bhk flats in Ahmedabad instead of renting them out.

Residential property in Ahmedabad is although a grand investment and numerous people who love to invest in flats as numerous find it necessary to purchase several Luxurious flats in Ahmedabad due to the forever growing property rates. Also, with the large accessibility of flats in and around Ahmedabad, several of them either tend to purchase it or take it on rent if buying tends to be costly.

Even though the charge of flats and New Projects in Ahmedabad has been on the increase in the past 4 5 years, there has still been a rise of real estate in Ahmedabad as increasingly people still purchase the flats seeking potential investment.

Smart Ways To Manage Home Loan EMIs During Financial Crisis

Owning a home has become easier with attractive home loan schemes by banks and other financial institutions. Today everyone can also buy a home that fits into their frame of “Dream Home”, owing to the power of Home Loans. From lower income class to upper income class, majorly property buyers take home loan to buy a property of their choice. With home loan option, property buyers with fewer saving get a substantial financial aid, people with dream of bigger house gets ease to expand their budget. No wonder home loan is considered a boon for property buyers.

But at times this boon turns into a swamp, in which the loan payer gets stuck. Usually this starts with some unforeseen financial crises which create hurdles in the repayment of loan EMIs. Failure to pay the EMI of the home loan for a month or two makes the borrower a loan defaulter. And when stretched for more than six months, the borrower even loses his/her legal rights on the home.

Indeed, defaulting on home loan EMIs can have serious implications and therefore, must be avoided at all costs. But if you find yourself in a financial crisis, where paying EMI seems next to impossible, you need to manage your EMIs smartly to avoid landing in any legal trouble from the lenders. Here are some of the smart ways to manage home loan EMIs during any financial crisis. If you ever find yourself in any such situations, these ways can help you get out of the crisis while still holding the rights to your home.

Consider Refinancing Options

If you are finding it hard to pay off a particular home loan due to high rates, the best way is to consider refinancing options. By refinancing a home loan, you get a separate loan from another bank to pay off the existing loan. This can lead to a substantial reduction in the interest charged by the existing lender and thus, the EMI. Those under any financial crisis can calculate the amount of money they can pay as EMI and find lenders who would be ready to offer a loan with that much EMI. This will increase the tenure of the home loan but the monthly installment will reduce.

Get Your EMI Reduced

One of the best ways to manage home loan EMIs during any type of financial crisis is to talk to the bank or lender and get the EMI reduced. This is an ideal solution for those who are finding the equated monthly installments too high because of other financial commitments. Most of the banks and financial institutions understand such situations and come up with feasible options according to the borrower’s financial conditions. They may reduce the EMI and increase the time for the loan repayment. However, the total amount paid by the end of the increased tenure might be higher than the amount paid at the initial rate.

Talk To the Bank To Postpone Your EMI

If you feel that your financial crush is temporary, the best way to manage the EMI in such situations is to set everything clear in front of the bank or lender. You can tell them the duration for which you would be unable to pay the EMI and ask for postponing the EMI for those many months. Be it a job change, temporary unemployment or loss, postponement in EMI can help in keeping one of the biggest financial expenditure at bay. This EMI holiday can be availed by paying a small payment deferment penalty.

Go For Lump Sum Settlements

If you feel that you might not be able to pay the EMI in the coming future because of impending financial obligations, asking for lump sum settlement is a feasible option. This requires some money in hand, for which you can consider getting a loan from another bank or financial lender offering a lower rate of interest. By asking for a lump sum settlement, the banks would waive off some charges and amount from the total sum to be paid and you can settle the loan once and for all by paying the settlement money.

Bonus Tip:

Before availing any home loan, it is important to take some preventive measures. Make sure that you take home loan insurance for any type of home loan. These home loan insurance policies help the borrowers in repaying the home loans in case of any financial crisis. Not only do the home loan insurances cover the payment in case of the death of the borrower but also provide a solution in case of any financial crisis.

Advantages For Married Couples on Jointly Owning a Property

Jointly owning a property comes with certain intangible benefits. It elevates the status of the wife in the society and creates a long-term commitment and better bonding between the married couples. You should also be aware of the financial advantages of jointly acquiring the property.

Stamp duty

Holding a property jointly allows the homeowners to enjoy certain benefits on stamp duty. It is for this reason that women in certain states are encouraged to hold a property jointly. The stamp duty rates are reduced by 1-2% when they jointly hold the property. For instance, the stamp duty for a woman in Delhi is 4% of the market value, while that for a man is 6%. In Rajasthan, women have to pay 4% of the market value as stamp duty, while a man has to pay 5%.


The loan eligibility determines the budget to purchase a property. This is decided based on the income and it has certain limits. When you go for a joint registration, you can apply for a joint home loan. The debt burden is shared between two people. This helps in obtaining a higher amount of loan, as the creditors consider the incomes of both the people. You can obtain a joint home loan by applying along with your spouse, siblings and parents.

Tax benefits

A joint home loan comes with certain tax benefits for all the co-borrowers. They can claim a tax deduction of INR 1.50 lakhs for the principal amount under Sec 80C and INR 2 lakhs for interest payment under Section 24. When two or more people acquire the home loan, each of them can individually opt for the tax benefits. As a result, the tax deduction will be higher.


Joint ownership between the couples also comes beneficial while dealing with succession. In case a property is owned by a single person, the transferring property can be a time-consuming and lengthy process. The procedure to obtain the documents in the name of the successor involves excessive conformation to the rules and regulations. Although people often go for shortcuts and unethical means while transferring the property, however, the process becomes simplified when you go for joint ownership. It can reduce the paperwork and other related hassles to a great extent. It is wise to go for joint ownership, as in these cases, the spouse becomes the successor. This keeps off unwanted problems in the future, after the death of a person.

Residential Themed plot developments attract new buyers

Residential themed plots development are increasingly attracting young buyers in Ahmedabad. In recent years, the real estate investment in Ahmedabad has increased manifold. A number of projects have come up across the country, which offers themed plotted developments to the new buyers. Such projects are drawing buyers in large numbers in recent years, as they allow the homeowners to develop homes that cater to their hobbies and passions. For instance, themed plotted developments have got adequate infrastructure for nature, sports activities, organic farming and so on. These plots are being upgraded by the reputed real estate companies.

Homeowners, particularly the luxury property buyers are interested in buying these plots. These include the people belonging to the ultra-high-income group and IT professionals. Most of these people are interested in building their second homes, rather than purchasing template properties. The developers, too, are keen to enter the micro-markets, tapping the possibilities of selling these properties here. They integrate these homes with state-of-the-art amenities in order to lure the customers. Certain housing complexes have also been developed with artificial beaches, boats and sandboxes. These also contain many man-made designs, such as artificial forests.

The amenities in these themed plotted developments are included after considering specific situations. Therefore, these homes may come with turfs, lawns, basketball courts, clubhouse, stadium, facilities for indoor games and so on. Many complexes in recent years have come up with yoga and acupressure facilities. Besides, these homes come with dedicated play areas for children, swimming pool, gym and other amenities. Homeowners who buy these properties get an access to the amenities.

Investors, on the other hand, too, have been investing in themed plotted developments. They have realized that these projects attract high-income buyers and are lucrative deals in the long run. Most of the key cities of the country have witnessed the development of these resorts. An additional advantage for the homeowners in these cases is the proximity of the complexes to the key areas in the city. The residents can get an easy access to the important places, including the commercial and business zones in the city. Besides, the homeowners can get fast access to the places of recreation. These developments have taken place in areas close to reputed schools and hospitals. This enables the homeowners to get a fast access to these institutes. If you are willing to buy apartment in Ahmedabad, you can get them customized in the real estate portals. Luxurious homes have always been a fascination for homeowners. Moreover, these homes bring you an elegance you had always craved for. For property owners, this is the right time to make the investment.

8 Vastu Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying A Home

Vastu Shastra, commonly known as Vastu, is a traditional Hindu system of architecture, the literal translation of which is “science of architecture”. These are based on Hindus as well as Buddhist beliefs and have been formulated with the aim of integrating architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns and symmetry. In order to ensure well-being, happiness and prosperity of all the residents, it is important for a house to be built as per guidelines laid down by the Vastu Shastra. Despite popular beliefs, Vastu Shastra is not fantastical or irrational but it’s based on sound scientific principles that aim at combining all five elements of nature to ensure utmost well-being of mankind. So, it is better not to ignore this aspect while buying a house, as you end up practically spending each and every penny you had saved till now on it, and you would want it to be just perfect. You don’t need to be a Vastu expert in order to know whether the basic structure of the house is as per Vastu guidelines or not. Just a quick look at the entrance and you will understand the Vastu of the house. How? Don’t worry; we will give you some Vastu tips to keep in mind before buying a house. Easy? Well here they are:


If you are not buying a standalone property but an apartment, the entrance to the block will be considered as the entrance. Make sure that the entrance gate is located towards north or north east. South and west entrances are not recommended. The reason behind this is that sun’s rays entering from this direction during afternoon are harmful to your health. Proper ventilation with ample sunlight Vastu lays extreme importance on having proper ventilation in a house. The house should be open, airy and get ample of sunlight, as close claustrophobic places lead to breeding of germs and sunlight helps kill any unwanted germs and smells. A North or East-facing flat with windows and balconies in either of these two directions is ideal. According to Vastu, a house should not have a common wall with another house as it creates mixed energies; hence it is very important for open space to be left on all four corners of the place.


The kitchen should ideally be in the south-east corner of the flat. It is called Aagneya – apparently the direction governed by fire element.

Water storage tank

It should ideally be placed in the north-eastern corner of a building as this area gets the first ray in the morning, and early morning rays are very beneficial for the purity of water.


Toilets and bathrooms

They should ideally be on the south-west or the southern corner of the flat. It is because the wind blows from north-east to south-west and if toilets are placed in north-east, the wind will blow from toilet to the living room thereby contaminating the atmosphere.


Kid’s room

The most ideal place for a kid’s room is the north-east or north-west part of the house. Also the window should open to the North, because it would prevent direct harmful rays of the sun from entering his/her room, and giving him/her ample sunlight at the same time.


Center of the apartment

As per Vastu, there should be light in the center of the apartment, so closed spaces like kitchen and toilets should not be placed here. The center is an ideal place for a living room.


Staircase It is not advisable to build the staircase in the North-East, as this will block the morning rays of the sun. External staircase should ideally be placed in the South-west corner. Internal staircase should not be placed in the center because it would not only mar the beauty of the living room but also make it look congested.

Reasons Why Investing in Real Estate – Something is a Wise Choice

Whether the Indian market is booming or busting, there is one kind of market where you can always find deals and make money: the real estate market. This market is arguably the best market that a person can seek to invest in, and in this article, we are going to outline the reasons for why that is.

Furthermore, we will show you some of the myriads of ways that you can get your feet wet with real estate investing. Another thing that makes the real estate market so great to invest in is that you actually don’t need a lot of money to get started, which makes it great for young people.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate From a Young Age

As I mentioned above, real estate is arguably the best investment that an investor can make. This is because real estate does three (and maybe four) things:

  1. It generates cash flow.
  2. It builds equity.
  3. It allows for depreciation.
  4. It can potentially appreciate in value over time.

Furthermore, if you decided in your twenties to invest in real estate directly through rentals and the like, many young people are actually able to qualify for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan that only requires a 3.5% down payment and has a traditionally low-interest rate. That makes the real estate market really accessible for people who may not have the 20% down payment that a bank would charge for a mortgage!

Real Estate Produces Cash Flow

Cash flow is, by definition, the movement of money via revenues and expenses. Real estate investing provides an investor with the opportunity to generate positive monthly cash flow. If you directly purchase a property and then rent it out to tenants, it is highly possible that the rent you charge will pay off all of the monthly expenses for the house and even chip away at the mortgage for you. On top of that, you may get to keep a little bit of positive cash flow for reinvesting each month! Of course calculating your monthly expenses and accurately forecasting how much you can charge in rent prior to purchasing any property is critical to making sure that the properties you purchase will be cash flow positive.

Real Estate Builds Equity

As that cash flow is continually generated, your mortgage on your property will be paid down a little bit each month. Over time, as those mortgage payments begin to chip away at the principal of the loan, you will accrue equity in your property. This equity can be used as a store of wealth, as a back-draw for loans, and even as collateral in other types of agreements.

Real Estate Can Be Depreciated for Tax Purposes

This is where purchasing real estate becomes really exciting. The government currently allows a commercial property owner (someone who buys properties for investments) to depreciate their property over a designated time period. This depreciation can be applied against one’s tax bill each year in the form of a deduction.

It is this principle of depreciation at work in real estate that really leads investors to think of investing in real estate as " generating money out of thin air ", which is sort of what depreciation is.

Real Estate Can Appreciate in Value

Finally- the icing on the cake. If you are able to purchase properties in the right price and at the right time in the right locations, you will find that those properties will appreciate in value over time. While this appreciation can’t always be expected, it is possible that your equity in the properties you own will increase as a result of appreciation.

How You Can Invest in Real Estate

Now, all of the benefits that I have just described have mostly applied to rental real estate, which is sort of like the " ultimate form " of real estate investing because it offers so many perks. However, not everyone is cut out for being a landlord and managing tenants. With that said, there are a couple of other ways that you can invest in real estate without having to manage it directly.

Direct Partnership Plans

Direct Partnership Plans, or DPPs, are another type of investment that allow investors to get in on real estate (as well as other sector) action without having to directly manage anything. Under this type of investment, an investor will subscribe to being a limited partner with an investment firm.

That investment firm, made up of general partners that manage the day-to- day activities of the firm, will aim to fulfill an investment objective as laid out in their prospectus. Limited partners (i.e. you) are allowed to share in the profits (and losses!) of the partnership but are limited only to losing their principal investment.

General partners are encouraged to manage the business well, because they usually have much higher liability than a limited partner if the business fails. Also, limited partners are not allowed to be involved with the day-to- day activities of the investment company or they could lose their rights to their limited partner status.

Festival Blues? 10 Tips to Fight Anxiety

Festivities and holidays always come tagged along with joy, warmth, and connectivity, but can also be equated with major sources of anxiety and sadness.

Experiencing holiday blues is a familiar phenomenon for most of us and maybe hitting folks extra hard this year.

At a time where we all may be looking for some sort of light at the end of this long, dark tunnel of the outbreak, we must not let the feelings of bleakness take over our minds.

To steer this season without allowing the negatives to sabotage our mental health, we must slow down to carve out some time off for ourselves.

Here are some guidelines that will facilitate in helping you uphold your mental well-being while you celebrate during such challenging times:

1. Learn to schedule ‘anxiety time’

It’s nearly unmanageable to avert feeling, some degree of worry when you are living through a pandemic.

To cope with that anxiety, it is recommended to make a note of all the worries that have been popping into your head and setting aside a designated ten to fifteen minutes to worry about everything.

Once your time is up, you must overlook that list and start thinking about a new one for your upcoming worry session.

Learning to schedule fears will help ease your tense mind.

2. Practice gratitude

None of us know what exactly does the future has in store for us. This is a reality that can be overwhelming.

Hence instead of becoming paralysed by what you can’t control, you must try and bring your attention back to the present moment and be thankful to all of the people, things, and experiences that make you feel gratitude.

In spite of adverse situations that we all have been experiencing, there are still plenty of things for us to be appreciative of.

3. Keeping the festive spirit alive

One of the healthiest things we can do to keep ourselves and our minds healthy during this time is to simply accept that festivities will be different this year.

Celebrating a bit differently than usual can also help in recharging your emotions. For example, scheduling remote celebrations over video calls or exchanging creative virtual giveaways can give you a sense of connectivity.

4. Take charge of your emotional health

We are fervent about getting the basics right when it comes to sustaining good mental health.

This boils down to three elements like proper sleep pattern, healthy diet, and physical activity.

Each of these elements can have a huge impact on the significant hormones and chemicals that influence our mind’s wellness.

When we are well-rested, physically fit, and nourished, we are in a much better place emotionally to handle life’s challenges and stressors.

5. Do something new

If you have been undergoing a hard time finding calm amid the storm of the pandemic, you must take a moment to let your mind wander.

You must consider if there is anything that you always wanted to try your hands on, but couldn’t.

Trying out new things can help us in leaning into major changes instead of resisting them.

6. Prioritising for self-care

Sustaining a routine can be challenging, but zeroing in on what self-care looks like for you is an optimal place, to begin with.

Catching up on plenty of sleep, healthy eating, resetting your mind by avoiding screens, physical activity, and practicing mindfulness are the cornerstones of self-care care that help manage your thoughts when you are feeling overwhelmed.

7. Say ‘NO’ to undesirable thoughts

We usually tend to set boundaries such as ‘I will call instead of visiting my extended family this festive season to keep my household safe.’

Although we are happy with the boundary that we have set, we continue to stress ourselves over what we are not doing rather than what we are doing.

These self-critical negative thoughts need to vanish since it is counterproductive to the festive season that should be a healing period, rather than a period of stress.

8. Embrace new traditions

It is totally normal to feel frustrated when much-anticipated family events are getting cancelled or modified in the name of public health. But allowing that to get stuck in your mindset, won’t change the situation.

Once your mind has processed those feelings, you have the opportunity to find new ways to make your festive cheer all the more special.

Instead of dwelling on what did not happen, take some time to brainstorm different ideas for making this year’s unusual celebration one to remember.

9. Be empathetic towards others

Doing something kind for others can actually boost your mood and feelings of self-esteem.

This upcoming festive season, go out of your way to do something kind for a person in your life. Even small gestures like celebrating with a neighbour who lives alone can help uplift your mood.

10. Reaching out for help when you need it

Asking for help when you need it is essentially one of the bravest things that you can do for yourself.

Talking about your emotional problems with a trusted friend, family member, or even a mental health professional can help you feel at ease.

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