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Radhe Developers India Limited [RDIL] is a name synonym to success and has been considered as one of the top developers of Ahmadabad. RDIL has adorned the skyline of Ahmadabad with some of the most amazing structures and it has never failed to astound the customers with its luxurious schemes. RDIL’S clean & neat contemporary design, excellent execution, differentiated branding and marketing together with energetic on ground sales have always created a best value for customers.


RDIL is engaged in many commercial and residential projects at the moment and has a clear cut plan for each project to execute. Let’s have a look on some of its projects:

  • Emerald Park: Emerald park is one of the unique project by RDIL offering 339 luxurious farm houses near Ahmedabad which consists of 11 different types of unit of 1000 sq. Yards and 5000 sq. Yards. This project is a reflection of most contemporary and comforting lifestyle. You can enjoy the lavishness of this project with its superior amenities like garden, 24 hours security, children park, jogging track, ponds/fountains, power back up facilities and club houses.
  • Radiance Residency: Radiance residency is one of the upcoming residential properties in Ahmedabad by RDIL. Radiance residency is a 92 appartments scheme and offers an upgraded lifestyle with its state of the art architecture and luxurious amenities. These luxurious apartments offers a whole new experience of high profile living by providing some wonderful amenities like gazebo, gymnasium, steam & sauna, garden etc.

RDIL has completed many schemes of luxurious farmhouses, residential properties in and near Ahmedabad. Also going beyond its image of top developers of Ahmedabad, RDIL has been also socially aware of its responsibilities and promote the idea of sustainable development.

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Top Real Estate Developers in India Provide Double Bonanza for Buyers

With the top real estate developers in India creating many opportunities for their buyers to indulge in, the going cannot get any better for real estate investments in India

The fever for buying homes never goes down. Be it the festive season or times of recession, home buying is an important investment that makes the top real estate developers in India offer many golden opportunities to their buyers. They strive to lure in more investments with new project features and more lucrative discounts. If you happen to be one such buyer who is seeking his dream home at the most reasonable rates, then you have many smiles coming your way in the form of attractive rates of interest facilitated by banks, as well as confidence gaining measures by real estate developers.

The banks are making positive moves, and real estate developers like Radhe Developers (India) Ltd: are putting in more efforts to make the market move in the right direction. Take a look at how Radhe Developers, banking institutions and big players in the real estate world are luring home buyers like you.

  • It is expected that the rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) will be eventually passed forward to the borrowers. Also with the Marginal Cost of Lending Rates (MCLR) rate related to SBI being cut down significantly, home loan borrowers are breathing a sigh of relief. The other leading banks may follow suit, thereby leaving home buyers with more attractive options to invest in.
  • Most bankers are dangling carrots like 50 per cent off on their attractive interests’ rates, reduced processing fees, flexible repayment tenure, no foreclosure and prepayment charges, etc.
  • Observing the current real estate market scenario, Indian developers are expecting their sales to pick up soon, thereby making their unsold inventory level go down. This in turn is sending out positive signals in the market. With more and more deals and discounts attracting homebuyers through various types of media advertisements, the overall demand for home purchase is on the rise.

Whether you are keen to invest in affordable housing projects or have a desire to reside in the projects built by the top real estate developers in India, just go ahead with your plans – the right time is now.

Radhe Developers – A Golden name in Real Estate Builders!

Radhe Developers India Limited [RDIL], based in Gujarat, is one of the leading real estate builders in Ahmadabad. It offers vide varieties in construction such as residential, commercial, plotting and related projects. Real estate world is widening in Ahmadabad like never before and RDIL stand strong in the market with 50 years of experience in the field of construction.

Sturdy Foundation: The foundation of this successful corporate conglomerate was laid in the name of C patel &co. By a farsighted and visionary man Mr. Chinubhai patel with over 50 years of experience in the business of construction of real estate and supervision. RDIL has its vocation in various aspects such as design, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Pioneering various trends in the market the group has introduced varied form of projects for all the consumers within its easy reach.

Innovative Technology: Radhe developers have been a forerunner in technological innovations and advancements. They lead the competition be utilizing the most modern latest in construction industry for quality and cost effectiveness for commitment to excel in the construction field. They have alliances with national & international architects & consultants to provide the best construction Technology Support and Equipments.

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects: The group is currently developing an estimated million sq. Ft of prime real estate development and has 3 ongoing projects across Ahmedabad. Emerald park, Radhe serene, Radiance residency are some of the ongoing residential projects. There are also few upcoming commercial projects which the group considers as dream come true. These projects are thoughtfully conceived and meticulously executed.

RDIL’S neat and clean contemporary design, excellent execution, differentiated branding and marketing together with energetic on ground sales have worked well to create the best value for customers.

The New Era of Architectural Firm

Any building, be it a house, an office, mall, etc. requires proper architectural designing. As the world has progressed and the computer has gained importance even the field of architecture has incorporated web services into its working. Various advanced software are available to assist the architects and ease them in their work. Also, they speed up the course of work. The architectural firms have now upgraded themselves and developed into advanced firms. If you are running an architectural firm this write up will help you to acknowledge the benefits of the modern architectural software. `

Benefits of advance architectural software

  • Software like Chief Architect, Revit, etc. have been introduced that help the architects in bringing about quick changes in the architectural projects.
  • The ideas or layouts that are presented on paper can easily be converted with the help of the software.
  • The designs thus made are easy to manage and have higher degree of accuracy.
  • The different purposes for which the architectural software are used: Residential, Modern Interior, Custom House plan, Landscape, Commercial and Furniture
  • 3D animation software is used for creating attractive designs of townships.
  • They help in bringing about streak of innovation
  • Assure complete transparency
  • The projects made are easy to understand
  • Different steps involved in formulating a ground design like drafting, representing and modeling are carried out with complete ease and preciseness.

The alterations that are made in the designs are almost exact in accordance with the requirements. Also, the latest technology is used in developing industrial projects. It is a complicated work it needs time as well as accuracy. Using latest software the architects manage to complete the projects at a faster rate assuring maximum accuracy. Also, by incorporating the software the cost and time of completing the projects reduces. This new wave of Architectural Modernity is witnessed in various parts of the world. It has enabled the architects to create building patterns that are unique and laced with modern features. So, incorporating designing software in your architectural designing works can bring about a boom in your business. You can use your imaginative power in creating designs that are rare and are difficult to be represented on paper.

Understanding the Importance of Green Architecture

In today’s world, sustainable architecture is not an alien concept as people are coming closer to the environment. The concept just implies the use of environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture. Green architecture is an approach to building that minimizes the harmful effects on human health and the environment. The “green” architect attempts to safeguard air, water and earth by choosing eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.

The idea of green architect emerge when some of the few prominent researchers and architects realized that very soon all the all-natural resources are going to run dry. The terms green buildings or green architecture are also used in place of sustainable architecture to promote the importance of sustainable architecture. Environmental experts have laid down some basic elements for a better understanding and sustainable architecture promotion.

Advantages of Green Architecture:

  • These buildings use energy efficient lights.
  • Bring higher resale value.
  • Green buildings are easier to maintain.
  • Provides indoor environmental quality enhancement.
  • These buildings do not emit pollutant in any way.
  • Have a method of recycling waste products.
  • Provide healthy environment for people living in these buildings.
  • These buildings have ventilation system designed for efficient cooling.

These buildings reduce the energy bills and also provide a healthy environment to live in. These buildings are also popularly known as eco-homes and are very expensive. With growing demands for eco-friendly homes, the property builders are taking initiative in building with innovation. Therefore, look for ways to improve the environment and buy homes that are as “green” as possible.

Why is Residential Property best for Investment in India?

Many real estate laws and regulations have come to the fore in the past one year, making Indian real estate a lot more transparent and lucrative market. Whether we talk about the Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act or the Pradhan MantriAwasYojana, the government has taken various initiatives to make the residential property more favorable for the buyers. These government policies and rules have made real estate a more profitable sector, not just the homebuyers, but also for the people who are looking forward to investing in real estate. Be it the residential plots, apartments, flats, or residential land for sale in India, the investors are putting high bets in the residential sector of Indian real estate to get promising returns.

The first quarter of 2018 saw a 70% jump in the residential supply in the Indian real estate market. More than 30,000 units were launched in the first quarter of 2018, which is pretty high as compared to the 18,000 units launched in the last quarter of 2016. In fact, investors have favored the residential sector. In the first half of the year, 56% of the overall investment in the real estate India was made in the residential sector itself reflecting the shift of investors towards the residential sector.

The Indian housing sale has also increased by 70% in the Q1 of 2018 with 23,000 units sold as compared to the Q4 of 2016 where only 14,000 of them were sold. Both the primary and secondary markets for residential property in Indian real estate have seen a positive shift in the first half of the year.

There are many government initiatives that have made people more interested in investing their hard earned money in the residential sector as compared to the commercial sector. Some of these are:

  • Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act: The Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act aka RERA has been enforced in India on May 2017 and is one of the main reasons why people are showing more interest in investing their money in the residential real estate. Buyers are getting empowered and can now file a complaint, know the status of projects, and compare the builders easily on the state regulatory authority website through this act.
  • Goods and Services Tax: Another reason that has made investi8ng in residential real estate more lucrative is the Goods and Services Tax that has been enforced in India on July 2017. GST would bring more transparency in the taxation system and has even lowered the tax rate on various types of residential projects. The benefit would this lowered and transparent taxation would be passed on to the homebuyers as well.
  • Pradhan MantriAwasYojana: The Pradhan MantriAwasYojana is an initiative by the PM Narendra Modi-led government to provide affordable housing facilities and even provide housing to all by the end of 2022. As a part of this scheme, the interest rate has been reduced and subsidies have been offered on the purchase of residential real estate which is attracting people towards this sector.
  • Demonetization: The revolutionary demonetization move by PM Narendra Modi that startled the public in November 2016 is also a major reason why more white and transparent investment in the residential real estate would be seen. As a long term effect of the demonetization move, the prices of real estate have seen a decrease and would bring higher returns in the future.

VastuShastra : A Science for Your Home

You must have heard of Vastu Shastra and many of you must be thinking of applying it to your homes, buildings or offices. Vastu Shastra is a science of construction or architecture used since ancient time and is based on traditional and archaic view of law of nature and how it affects human dwellings. According to theory of vastushastra, world comprises of five basic elements i.e. earth, water, air, fire and space and it is very essential to maintain proper balance between these elements.

These elements heavily influence human lives and thus one must take care and understand effectiveness of these elements while constructing a building or a house. You must be thinking of buying a plot for your dream home or office but after you buy a plot, you must follow some Vastu Tips for best results like for good health, wealth, prosperity and contentment.

Myths related to Vastushastra:

  • Vastu puja at home must be done.
  • Trees should not be there around the house.
  • Impression or shadow of tree should be totally avoided in any part of the house.

Vastu Tips while Constructing a New House:

  • There must not be 5 corners in the house and if you have fifth corner, then it must be on ishan side.
  • There must be open space all around the building for proper flow of air and light.
  • Before starting the construction of the house, plot must be cleared of thorny bushes and plants. The trash and stones must be removed from the construction site.
  • Only new material should be used for the construction of the building.
  • Dig a well in N-E direction and use this ground water for the construction of the house.
  • Don’t bring disturbing piece of art like those depicting war and misery as it brings negative energy in the house.
  • Tree plantation in N-E corner should be avoided. Heavy trees must be grown on south, west or S-W side.
  • Windows and doors must be in north or east direction.
  • One must paint his/her house in light colors avoiding red and black for bringing prosperity.
  • Doors must be opened at inner side of the house not at outer side as it brings luck and positive energy in the house.

Thus, one must know that vastushastra is a science and not a deity and you must follow these simple steps to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the house.

How to Waterproofing Your Home?

People are increasingly becoming conscious about their homes and their upkeep. Waterproofing is one area where people have shown much caution in recent times. One of the foremost reasons for the increased precautionary measures is that dampness or moisture can prove very damaging to any edifice or construction. Consequently, a lot of money can be wasted due to unexpected seepage of water into walls or the woodwork, which requires a lot of time and effort to be fixed.

Moreover, the presence of moisture can even result in corrosion of the steel framework, thus putting the whole structure at risk. Hence, it is essential that adequate waterproofing steps be taken in order to avoid any hassles in the future. In order to protect your valuable property and to avoid any future inconvenience, you need to take strict measures to waterproof your house at the earliest.

  • It is highly recommended to consult a qualified engineer or architect, with relevant experience in the domain, for an appropriate waterproofing method to be followed in order to avoid any sort of hassles and damage.
  • Kota stone and bitumen are the most commonly used effective waterproofing material for construction. But, with the advancement in technology, various specialized compounds are also available and can be used as effective waterproofing solutions.
  • Nowadays, myriad waterproofing techniques are available that can be availed during and after the construction of the house.
  • The choice of waterproofing method also depends upon various factors, which can range from the location of the property to the cost of the whole process.
  • Many expensive and latest methods such as fiber-mesh and APP sheets are also being used to form waterproof layers for high-cost constructions such as malls and shopping complexes.

Therefore, it is recommended that people conduct a thorough research before zeroing in on a waterproofing solution that can save the structure from long-term and short-term risks.

5 Economical Tips To Renovate Your House

Renovation makes your house look more beautiful and helps you to utilize the available space in accordance to your preferences and requirements. It also gives a modern and contemporary touch to your property. But excitement of getting your home renovated has to be accompanied with a well-thought plan, so that your hard earned-money and times doesn’t go in vein. Renovating a home is indeed a big-task with usually needs big-budget too. Mostly people end up shelling more than they have initially decided for the renovation of their home. But if you invest a little in knowing how you can plan things correctly, for sure you can save a lot and get your dream home without digging a hole in your pocket.

Bring In The Natural Light

When renovating the house, it is imperative to think long-term cost-savings. Instead of installing fancy lights in the house, opt for options that let the natural light come in. Give way to large windows that let the natural sunlight seep into the house. If you do not want to spend extra bucks in cutting out a big hole in the wall for a window, you can also install ‘light tubes’ in the dingy areas inside the house to let sunshine funnel into the rooms. Moreover, you can also save on the labor cost spent for installing the expensive light fixtures.

Get Stuff From Auctions, Sales Or Tradies’ Sources

To save some extra bucks while renovating the house, investing in stuff from the auctions, sales and tradies’ sources is a wise bet. Research online or go around your neighborhood to find the auctions performed by those selling off their belongings. You would be surprised to see the quality of items you can find at such auctions. Moreover, online stores are always up with seasonal sales. You can make the most of this opportunity and get a number of things at a discounted price. Another great option to buy different things like tiles, wooden frames etc., at a discounted price of from the traders or the people working on your renovation. More often than not, these tradies have some remaining stuff from their previous projects which they can readily offer at a low price.

 Recycle The Discarded Items

Get creative and use your DIY skills to recycle and reuse the items clubbed and discarded in the trash category. The less used fixtures and building materials can be used once again in the renovation work. Salvage all the materials like the skylights, fittings, curtain rods, window panes etc., to reuse them in the renovation. These things can be customized and given a new touch to be used once again. In fact, the doors of the house which cast the first impression can also be installed again after giving them a fresh paint if they are in an optimal condition.

Cover Up The Rough Walls

If the walls of the house have gone too rough and require days of labor for filling and sanding the walls, it’s better to cover them up. There are various items available in the market that can be used as a cover-up for such walls. Texturglas is one such material which can be spread over a rough wall to give it a smooth and new-line texture. Wooden or tile wainscoting can also be used to cover the lower portion of the wall that is usually more damaged. The wall behind the bed or sofas can be covered up using tufted faux leather panels. Metallic wallpapers can also be used on one of the walls of the house to highlight the wall and give the room a classy yet chic look.

Install Crown Moldings Or False Ceilings

While renovating the ceiling of the house, you can save a lot of money by installing false ceilings or crown moldings. Both of them are the modern and contemporary style used for giving the ceiling a completely new look. A false ceiling can be put up at a much lower cost than the repairing and renovation of a ceiling. Moreover, crown moldings can be used to give an upgraded look to the home. You can opt for materials like plaster, wood, MDF, polystyrene, flex, and polyurethane etc., to give a new look to your ceiling at a cheap price.

Rental Agreement: A Legal Overview

The ongoing migratory trend to cities and metros from rural areas has aggravated the demand of rental accommodations all across the country. Be it students or young professionals, people looking for better a better future and prosperous lifestyle end up in metros or upcoming big cities that offer both of these things. However, the only thing which is hard to find in these cities is accommodation, and finally they have to settle in for a Rented Accommodation. However a Rented Accommodation also has numerous legal provisions to be dealt with. Below you will find some useful tips to handle these legal aspects with ease and efficiency.


A Rent Control Act, was proposed by the government of India to eliminate and control the exploitation of the tenants. However, this created more problems than it solved. In 1992, the central government proposed a model rent control legislation that could solve major legal confrontations between landlords and tenants. This also met with failure. Finally in 1997, several state governments adopted their own Rent Control Acts that had all the provisions for solving any dispute among the landlords and tenants. The main among them are listed below:

  • Gujrat Rent Act
  • Tamil Nadu Rent Control Act
  • Karnataka Rent Control Act
  • Maharashtra Rent Control Act
  • Delhi Rent Control Act

What is a Rental Agreement?

  • A Rental Agreement refers to a legal contract between the landlord and the tenant that clearly defines the right of the tenant to use the rented property.
  • It also clarifies the time for which the property is rented after which the tenant losses its possession of the property.
  • A Rent Agreement also defines the amount of rent, which is to be paid by the tenant to the landlord for using the property.

Importance of the Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement is of pivotal importance to both the parties because of it establishes a formal legal relationship between both the parties.

For the Landlord

Like the tenant, this agreement holds great importance for landlord. It defines his rights over the property. Even after completion of the lease period the landlord can ask for monetary remuneration if the property leased by him is not returned in acceptable form. For instance:

  • Any damage in terms of tiling, plumbing, flooring or electrification
  • If any major changes in terms of construction are done to the premises that are not acceptable to the landlord, the latter can ask the tenant to undo these changes
  • In case of renting out furnished property, the landlord has to check the s tate of furnished items
  • All major electricity and telephone charges have been cleared from the time of possession till today.

For the Tenant

The Rental Agreement not only decides the rights of the tenant but also decides the terms of use of the property along with timeframe for which the property is leased out, at the end of which the tenant loses right over the possession of the property. It also ensures that that as far as the tenant is complying by the terms of the agreement, the Landlord can’t evict him from the property until completion of the lease period.

Keeping this basic information about rental laws in mind, will help you to make a more informed and profitable legal agreement with your landlord or tenant.