Adorn Your Interior In A Scientific Manner


Vastu, which is known as “The Science of Architecture” is a term that was actually coined to bring out the importance of Architecture to people so that they start following it. The interiors built according to Vastu are meant to integrate architecture with nature and all the aspects surrounding it. It helps in channelizing the energy to a positive direction in order to enhance peace, prosperity and success in your life. When we visit somebody’s house, we notice various things which we consider as a part of decorative materials like paintings, statues of animals, etc. They are not just showpieces but they are actually made a part of the interiors for a reason. And the reason is Vastu. Each and every object that you buy to decorate your interiors have some motive which affects in different ways. Following are some of the things you should consider while decorating your interiors.

1) Choice of decorative items

Have you ever given a thought to the statues of a tortoise or laughing Buddha seen in somebody’s house? They are not just mere showpieces but according to Vastu, they play a vital role in affecting your personal life? For example, Lord Budha which is one of the most common statues that can be seen in most of the houses is considered to bring prosperity in one’s life. Other statues like dancing lady statue symbolize excitement and movement. Therefore, you should buy such products after considering these factors.

2) Beam position

This is also one of the most important factors that constitutes to your mood and health. if your living rooms have exposed beams, they are considered to affect your mood which makes you depressed, leading to disagreements and arguments in the family. But if you have bought a house and cannot help it, then you should avoid sitting beneath beam as it will keep your mind occupied with something or the other to be worried about. You can also mask the beams with the help of fall ceiling or by hanging a lamp or chandelier.

 3) Choice of color to paint your walls

When you enter a house, the first thing that grabs your attention is the color of walls. According to Vastu, the color used in your homes plays a vital role in affecting your mood and the character of the residents. There are a few colors you must avoid like red, black and grey at the entrance. Colors which you should apply are blue, yellow, white and dark green.

4) Choice of plants

Presence of plants in a house used to be a rare sight but it has become quite common from past few years because of Vastu as the placement and type of plants also affects your prosperity. Plants like Tulsi (basil) or money plant should be kept inside the house as they bring happiness and prosperity whereas, plants such as cactus, rose or bonsai trees should be kept outside.

5) Spacious Bedrooms

The way you arrange your furniture reflects your organizing abilities. A cluttered room always gives a negative feeling whereas a neatly furnished room gives the impression of you being an organized and efficient individual. According to Vastu, a cluttered bedroom brings negative vibrations. Your bedroom is a place where you feel relaxed and composed so it should be spacious enough to let you loose and ease.

Things To Remember Before You Paint Your Home

Panting the home in different hues makes it attractive and pleasant to look at. The quality of paint used can enhance or deteriorate the appeal of your home interiors. People want impeccable quality of paints with excellent finishing for their homes, to make the interiors and exteriors stand out. Moreover, the cost of painting a home is quite high and hence, it is imperative to decide wisely and take a wise decision. However, few important things must be kept in mind before taking the decision, which are:

  • The plaster on the walls must be fully dried before the commencement of the job.
  • Electric plates must be removed and all sockets & switches must be covered with tape.
  • Ensure that there is no seepage on the walls.
  • Only high-quality POP material must be used to provide a better base for paint colors

Which Colors To Choose?

The toughest choice with regards to painting is to choose the appropriate color of the paint. Many people decide to consult a professional interior designer for useful inputs. It is advisable to opt for light and sober shades for ceilings, as they give a spacious look to the rooms. In case of the walls, color must be chosen based on age group and personality of the residents as every color depicts a distinct mood.

Quality Matters

Choosing fine quality paint is of utmost importance too. For most of the paint jobs, water-based paints are recommended as they dry faster. In addition, satin paints provide a warm and inviting look to your rooms. Velvet finishes are ideal to enhance the visual appeal of the interiors, as flat finishes do not have shine. Moreover, velvet finishes are easy to clean and can withstand adverse weather conditions. In addition, glossy and semi-glossy finishes are also highly sought after, as they have a durable finish. Painting your home will not seem as tedious as it is made out to be, if one takes care of the above stated tips and takes a creative approach while doing so.

Rental Agreement: A Legal Overview

The ongoing migratory trend to cities and metros from rural areas has aggravated the demand of rental accommodations all across the country. Be it students or young professionals, people looking for better a better future and prosperous lifestyle end up in metros or upcoming big cities that offer both of these things. However, the only thing which is hard to find in these cities is accommodation, and finally they have to settle in for a Rented Accommodation. However a Rented Accommodation also has numerous legal provisions to be dealt with. Below you will find some useful tips to handle these legal aspects with ease and efficiency.

Over view

A Rent Control Act, was proposed by the government of India to eliminate and control the exploitation of the tenants. However, this created more problems than it solved. In 1992, the central government proposed a model rent control legislation that could solve major legal confrontations between landlords and tenants. This also met with failure. Finally in 1997, several state governments adopted their own Rent Control Acts that had all the provisions for solving any dispute among the landlords and tenants. The main among them are listed below:

  • Maharashtra Rent Control Act
  • Delhi Rent Control Act
  • Tamil Nadu Rent Control Act
  • Karnataka Rent Control Act

Importance of the Rental Agreement

  • Rental Agreement is of pivotal importance to both the parties because of it establishes a formal legal relationship between both the parties.

What is a Rental Agreement?

  • A Rental Agreement refers to a legal contract between the landlord and the tenant that clearly defines the right of the tenant to use the rented property.
  • It also clarifies the time for which the property is rented after which the tenant losses its possession of the property.
  • A Rent Agreement also defines the amount of rent, which is to be paid by the tenant to the landlord for using the property.

For the Landlord

  • Like the tenant, this agreement holds great importance for landlord. It defines his rights over the property. Even after completion of the lease period the landlord can ask for monetary remuneration if the property leased by him is not returned in acceptable form. For instance:

For the Tenant

The Rental Agreement not only decides the rights of the tenant but also decides the terms of use of the property along with timeframe for which the property is leased out, at the end of which the tenant loses right over the possession of the property. It also ensures that that as far as the tenant is complying by the terms of the agreement, the Landlord can’t evict him from the property until completion of the lease period.

  • Any damage in terms of tiling, plumbing, flooring or electrification
  • If any major changes in terms of construction are done to the premises that are not acceptable to the landlord, the latter can ask the tenant to undo these changes
  • In case of renting out furnished property, the landlord has to check the s tate of furnished items
  • All major electricity and telephone charges have been cleared from the time of possession till today.

Some Important Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Vastu is a proven science, which has brought prosperity to many homes and provided effective remedies on various issues to many. It is widely believed that Vastu helps to balance energy in the kitchen. Hence, it is advised by many to plan your kitchen according to Vastu. Today, many real estate builders and developers are offering Vastu compliant kitchens or buildings as a part of their project. Vastu is believed to usher peace and happiness in the life of the residing families.

The Vastu Shastra principles dictate specified directions and facing of each component of the kitchen and any alterations in these can lead to Vaastu defect or VaastuDosha. Here are few important points to be considered, while making a kitchen, Vastu compliant:

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should not be placed under or above Pooja Room, Toilet, or Bed Room.
  • Kitchen should be located in south-east of the home as fire prevails in south-east direction.
  • The kitchen door should open in North, North East or East direction in clockwise manner.
  • The cook should face the East or North to avoid any financial losses.
  • The cooking stove must be placed in the South East corner (the place of Lord Agni).
  • Fire and water do not go together. Therefore, Vaastu recommends that your sink and taps should not be close to the cooking stove.
  • If your refrigerator is kept inside the kitchen, then it should be placed in the South West direction.
  • Vaastu recommends south-east directions for electrical appliances.
  • According to Vaastu, any toilet or bathroom should not share a common wall with your kitchen.
  • The Dining table should be in the North West.
  • While taking food one should only face towards east or north for good digestion.

The kitchen is an important part of any home and it is therefore essential that it is constructed and designed the right way. The tips mentioned here will surely help you to do so and attract positive energies at all times.

Tips for Home Interior Decoration

Home is a place of comfort, leisure and relaxation and its interior is its soul. Obviously, everybody wants to give his/her home a magnificent appearance. But now time has changed, interior decoration doesn’t mean just to decorate two or three rooms of an apartment; in fact it has gone a long way. Now interior decoration means to make a place seem alive. One needs an expert’s advice to decorate his dream home.

Interior design is all about what color, pattern, texture to be used or what kind of furniture should be there or what should be the style and proportion. Interior decoration is to transform a place so that it just turns visually appealing by making changes in these elements.

Walk through a house which is not professionally designed you will see the mistakes made by the owner. Few basic tips given by a professional can make it possible to give your place a fabulous look. With the help of expert’s advice you can renovate your place according to your pocket and wish.

Experts’ Designing Tips

  • Doors And Windows: When it comes to doors and windows we don’t give much emphasis on them which is not good. Doors and windows have great impact on facade as well as on designing. One should use UPVC windows which are water proof, dust proof, termite proof, sound proof, and secure. Doors and windows play major role in regulating light and air.
  • Color Selection: If you have a small place always choose light color because light colors always make a place look larger and airy while dark colors make a place look smaller. Moreover, use colors from same color family for example: red and pale orange can be used together or pink and purple can make a great combination.
  • Furniture: One should use multi-utility furniture to save space. For instance, make chest of drawers under the bed and sofa which can be used as shoe rack.

If you consider a handful of such Interior Designing Tips to work with or advise you interior decorator about then you will be able to renovate your place splendidly. Careful selection of colors, furniture, curtains, style, etc. can make your place marvelous.

Smart Ways To Manage Home Loan EMIs During Financial Crisis

Owning a home has become easier with attractive home loan schemes by banks and other financial institutions. Today everyone can also buy a home that fits into their frame of “Dream Home”, owing to the power of Home Loans. From lower income class to upper income class, majorly property buyers take home loan to buy a property of their choice. With home loan option, property buyers with fewer saving get a substantial financial aid, people with dream of bigger house gets ease to expand their budget. No wonder home loan is considered a boon for property buyers.

But at times this boon turns into a swamp, in which the loan payer gets stuck. Usually this starts with some unforeseen financial crises which create hurdles in the repayment of loan EMIs. Failure to pay the EMI of the home loan for a month or two makes the borrower a loan defaulter. And when stretched for more than six months, the borrower even loses his/her legal rights on the home.

Indeed, defaulting on home loan EMIs can have serious implications and therefore, must be avoided at all costs. But if you find yourself in a financial crisis, where paying EMI seems next to impossible, you need to manage your EMIs smartly to avoid landing in any legal trouble from the lenders. Here are some of the smart ways to manage home loan EMIs during any financial crisis. If you ever find yourself in any such situations, these ways can help you get out of the crisis while still holding the rights to your home.

Consider Refinancing Options

If you are finding it hard to pay off a particular home loan due to high rates, the best way is to consider refinancing options. By refinancing a home loan, you get a separate loan from another bank to pay off the existing loan. This can lead to a substantial reduction in the interest charged by the existing lender and thus, the EMI. Those under any financial crisis can calculate the amount of money they can pay as EMI and find lenders who would be ready to offer a loan with that much EMI. This will increase the tenure of the home loan but the monthly installment will reduce.

Get Your EMI Reduced

One of the best ways to manage home loan EMIs during any type of financial crisis is to talk to the bank or lender and get the EMI reduced. This is an ideal solution for those who are finding the equated monthly installments too high because of other financial commitments. Most of the banks and financial institutions understand such situations and come up with feasible options according to the borrower’s financial conditions. They may reduce the EMI and increase the time for the loan repayment. However, the total amount paid by the end of the increased tenure might be higher than the amount paid at the initial rate.

Talk To the Bank To Postpone Your EMI

If you feel that your financial crush is temporary, the best way to manage the EMI in such situations is to set everything clear in front of the bank or lender. You can tell them the duration for which you would be unable to pay the EMI and ask for postponing the EMI for those many months. Be it a job change, temporary unemployment or loss, postponement in EMI can help in keeping one of the biggest financial expenditure at bay. This EMI holiday can be availed by paying a small payment deferment penalty.

Go For Lump Sum Settlements

If you feel that you might not be able to pay the EMI in the coming future because of impending financial obligations, asking for lump sum settlement is a feasible option. This requires some money in hand, for which you can consider getting a loan from another bank or financial lender offering a lower rate of interest. By asking for a lump sum settlement, the banks would waive off some charges and amount from the total sum to be paid and you can settle the loan once and for all by paying the settlement money.

Bonus Tip:

Before availing any home loan, it is important to take some preventive measures. Make sure that you take home loan insurance for any type of home loan. These home loan insurance policies help the borrowers in repaying the home loans in case of any financial crisis. Not only do the home loan insurances cover the payment in case of the death of the borrower but also provide a solution in case of any financial crisis.

Popular Home Decor Trends For 2018

Home decor trends for 2018 are hot in discussion. Like every year interior decorators are set with a lot of variety and innovation to set trends for 2018. While trends like rose gold, subway tiles, and exposed lighting were prevalent in most of the houses last year, this year is expected be more about rustic decor and tropical floral prints. The top predictions for home decor in 2018 are:

Black & White Decor

Believe it or not but the combination of black and white is a timeless design trend. The visual contrast of these evergreen colors has a great potential for providing the boldness and balance to house interiors. Any room of the house can appear amazing if it dons the black & white combo. Well, home decors trends 2018 indicate that many property owners would be availing interior decorating services to add this contracting tone to their homes soon.

Let Furniture Make The Statement

Furniture covers a sizable space in homes. The couches, bed, chairs, tables- their presence matters. 2018 might see a shift in the choices of color and material of the furniture. The monochromatic couches and chairs can be replaced by the bold colored sofas and chairs. And do not forget that nothing is as luxurious as the velvet material. As per the interiors decorators in India, the velvet furniture like couches in bold colors are expected to be in upcoming home decor trends.

Smart Gadgets

Forget about the fridges and televisions because they’re too mainstream. Take a look around and you can spot other smart gadgets like door locks, wall switches, sensor-equipped lamps and aroma diffuser etc. Such gadgets will offer a futuristic look to your home for sure. Having smarter gadgets is definitely hot in home decor trends of 2018.

Welcome Back, Floral Designs!

The floral prints went unnoticed for a long period of time but they have made a comeback in 2018. This time, it is not about the old feminine, pastel pink colored floral prints. Now, the floral prints have become bold, abstract, and outlined with black. A combination of bold floral painted walls and negative space or and light paint on remaining walls would be a top trend. These prints not only make the place look calm and soothing but also add a natural touch to the house. You can see some trending floral designs for home decor on Instagram, Flickr, INK361, and other photo sharing sites.

T For Textures

When the house interiors embrace the beautiful seasonal textures, more charm is added to it. You just need to play with the textures and materials to make the home interiors appear pleasing. Textures not only refer to the wall paint but to knitting art as well. These days, the Macrame is emerging as a great home decor trend. If you’re not in favor of adding any painting on a wall then Macrame is the apt choice.

Colorful Houseplants- Present Please

They’re affordable, attractive, and have the potential to beautify any corner. Yes, it is true that people are returning to the installation of houseplants. Since they can be swapped in different corners of the room, they enhance its visual appeal. Red Aglaonema, Fittonia, and Croton are widely installed because they have a tendency to reduce the stress. People are being more sensitive and concerned for having healthier air inside their home and this is pushing the trend of having more plants in home decor.

These are some top home decor trends 2018. By following such trends (or trends like them), a fantastic makeover can be given to the house interiors. Keep visiting to know more tips and trends for home decor.

18 Storied Apartment Building, Made Of Wood in Canada

The world’s tallest wood building with 18 storeys and measuring about 174 feet in height has been constructed at the University of British Columbia in Canada, four months in before the scheduled date. The project is predicted to cost about USD 51.5 million.

The mass wood structure and facade has been completed for University of BC (UBC)’s Brock Commons student residence.The structure, showcasing the benefits of building with wood, was completed under 70 days after the prefabricated components were first delivered to the site. Construction will concentrate on interior elements, with completion expected at the beginning of May 2017 (or four months) faster when compared to a typical project. The building is expected to welcome more than 400 students in September the coming year.

Brock Commons is definitely the first mass concrete, steel and wood hybrid project taller than 14 storeys in the world. The building features a concrete podium and two concrete cores, with 17 storeys of cross-laminated-timber floors supported on glue-laminated wood columns.The cladding for the facade is made with 70 percent wood fibre.

“Wood is increasingly recognised as an important, safe and innovative building material choice,” said UBC President Santa J Ono.Wood is a versatile and sustainable building material that stores, instead of emits, carbon dioxide, the university said in a statement.The impact is a reduction of 2,432 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide compared to other construction materials, the equivalent of taking around 500 cars off the road for a year, the statement said, by using wood.

The property is targeting LEED Gold certification, a rating system that promotes environmental responsibility for building owners and operators. It will exceed required fire ratings and standard seismic safety requirements.

How to select an affordable property?

First thing in mind comes while going to buy a suitable property is, “how can I find it whether it is right or not?” This article is going to counsel your all “how” related queries.

Investment is now becoming a medium to earn supplementary wealth without doing much of hard work as your hard work will be done by your money itself. What you need to do is just in the offing till the prices trudge of your investment.

Investments on assets are always done to increase returns. Most people prefer gold silver and real estate. We concentrate on real estate only as it is safest, easiest plus no risk mode of investment.

Buying a plot of land has become a very complicated affair, especially when bearing in mind the obvious corruption surrounding the deals counting creating fake documents, insisting for half payment in cash and also issues of disputed land sales included.

Are you looking to buy residential plots in Ahmedabad?

Here is the list of best possible tips you can go through while buying a right property:

Take more time evaluating the amenities: 

Water and electricity are the basic facility that should be there. Don’t consider them as the facility although they are; but they are so basic that you may find everywhere. Look for value added services. Here value added features refers to the availability of day to day needs of a person which includes Road Transportation, railway station, Air port or any one of them. The distance of highways, Schools, hospitals, offices can create huge impact when you try to sell your property. If your property has Parks, Playground, Shopping mall, Vegetable and fruit market etc. in nearby location it acts as value added assets.

Talk to neighbours:     

To know the deep insight of the surroundings; you need to talk to people in neighbourhood. They are the people living in that area. They are much aware of the difficulties around. Make sure you have a healthy relation in your neighbourhood. Ask your queries from them too.

Prepare a list of queries:

Set your priorities before buying. A list of queries is must. Note down each and every thing that comes across your mind related to property. Ask the same when you go for site visit. Analyse it thoroughly or try to by heart all questions. Ask them one by one with a sensible pause. Look for satisfying answers; if not keep asking. 

Compare the facilities with price:

Generally plots and lands having more facilities will have more cost of buying. What you need to do is to go for maximum facilities in minimum price. This may take time as you may have to perform several site visits. But it is worth as you are getting good value for the money. This can also be a great mode of investments in the future.

Hope you may get the right property that you are looking for. Keep these points mentioned above in mind to attain help in making right decision.

2018 Women in Commercial Real Estate Tech: The Top 20 Female Leaders and Influencers

Women play a significant role in today’s commercial real estate tech industry. Under their leadership, guidance and mentorship, the commercial real estate tech sector has grown substantially within the past few years. The twenty individuals below are working fearlessly to transform and redefine the industry as we know it.

Susie Algard,

Algard is the CEO of, a marketplace connecting tenants searching for local office space with local brokers. She has a proven track record of success, driving consumer business from $0 to over $50 million in revenue.

Lindsay Baker, Comfy

Lindsay is President at Comfy, leading relationship building and serving as chief brand evangelist. As an established leader in the green building community, she previously served as Sustainable Operations Consultant at Google. She did her PhD work in Building Science at UC Berkeley and was on the original team developing the LEED Rating System at USGBC.

Natalie Bruss, Fifth Wall

As a partner at Fifth Wall, Natalie oversees partnerships for LPs and portfolio companies, as well as marketing and brand strategy.  Previously, she was Vice President of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at ID, where she built and ran digital partnerships and strategy for consumer and entertainment brands, and talent.

Julia Davis, WeWork

As the Global Head of Real Estate Transactions and Analytics for WeWork, Davis has spent her career primarily in commercial real estate. Prior to WeWork, Davis spent time at JLL in a variety of leadership roles and also launched and led a tech startup in the San Francisco market. She’s a member of ULI, CoreNet, and NAIOP and on the Community Leadership Committee of Girls on the Run NYC.

Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList

With over 25 years of professional commercial real estate experience, Harrison founded theBrokerList, a virtual commercial real estate network, to create streamlined operations for the industry. She is also a partner at Manager Labs and founder of OnSiteOffice.

Elizabeth Dukes,  iOffice

As EVP and CMO at iOffice, Dukes is responsible for building partnerships and business relationships, communicating company solutions, expanding the team and advising the CEO and senior leadership team on business issues. Elizabeth’s expertise has helped grow the company from their very first client to the more than 1,200 that they have today. Follow her on twitter at @ElizDukes.

Dana Dunford, Hemlane

Dunford is Co-Founder and CEO at Hemlane, an online solution to help better manage long-term rentals. Prior to founding Hemlane, Dunford worked at Nest, Apple and Symantec in various roles with finance, analytics and business development and over 10 years’ experience in the industry.

Beatrice Fischel-Bock, Hutch

Founding Hutch (then ZOOM Interiors) during her senior year at George Washington University, Fischel-Bock serves as CEO for the company. Hutch is an online and mobile platform that mixes 3D technology and online shopping to help you design and furnish your home recently recognized in Built In LA’s Top 50 Startups to Watch in 2018.

Jilliene Helman, Realty Mogul

Helmen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Realty Mogul, an online real estate capital marketplace. Before that, she was Vice President at Union Bank where she worked in Wealth Management, Finance, and Risk Management. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, and Commercial Property Executive.

Olga Koroleva, Capital Brain

An avid mountaineer, between summiting the world’s peaks Koroleva is the CEO and Co-Founder of CapitalBrain by Monetarex, a sales intelligence platform. She has over ten years’ experience in the commercial real estate industry.

Marissa Limsiaco, Tenavox

Limsiaco is Co-Founder and President at Tenavox, a tenant-driven platform helping small businesses to make better lease decisions. Prior to Tenavox, Limsiaco was Chief of Staff at National Realty Club and Principal at Advon Capital.

Emily Line, NARRPR

Line is Vice President of Commercial Services at NARRPR and has over ten years’ experience in real estate. Formerly, she was Manager, Commercial Development and Outreach for NAR and sits on the Board of Advisors for CommissionTrac and Board of Directors for Special Days Camp.

Francesca Loftus, hOM

Loftus left TechMeetups to found wellness amenities provider hOM. The self-described taskjuggler teaches acrobatic yoga and trained for stage performance at venues across her native Canada and the U.S.

Poonam Mathis, Stealthforce

The CEO and founder of, Mathis has over ten years’ experience in real estate investment, private equity, and development. She is the former Global Deputy to the Head of Asset management at Partners Group. Her work is featured in the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Bisnow, and more. Poonam is a current CREW Network member.

Caren Maio, Nestio

As CEO and Co-Founder of leasing management and marketing solution Nestio, Maio has a diverse background working for top companies like Nike and the Wall Street Journal. She is an RE200 Mentor for MetaProp NYC and is a self-described power suit enthusiast.

Clelia Peters, MetaProp

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Peters is currently Co-Founder and Partner at MetaProp and President of Warburg Realty. Prior to this, she also founded Latticeworks, worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and served as Program Manager for the International Rescue Committee.

Elizabeth Redmond, CoWorkr

Redmond is Co-Founder and President at CoWorkr, a software company that offers tools to optimize corporate real estate. In addition, this University of Michigan graduate also founded POWERleap and was a partner at Ecolect.

Joyce Reitman, Motionloft

Motionloft CEO, Joyce Reitman, created five companies before working on her current passion of delivering big data intel on movable objects like pedestrians and vehicles. She has served as a CEO and CFO and worked in numerous industries, including finance with AXA Advisors and J.P. Morgan.

Susannah Vila, ‏Flip

Vila is the Co-Founder and CEO of Flip, a flexible leasing marketplace helping tenants escape leases and find subletters. The Columbia Business Graduate assisted building The Engine Room, a IT service helping social change agents maximize their data and technology resources.

Diana Vrkic, Waypoint

Founder of Waypoint, Vrkic also serves as CEO. Waypoint is a software and analytics provider for commercial buildings changing the way commercial real estate decision-makers access and use information to improve the performance of their assets. Vrkic has over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

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