VastuShastra : A Science for Your Home

You must have heard of Vastu Shastra and many of you must be thinking of applying it to your homes, buildings or offices. Vastu Shastra is a science of construction or architecture used since ancient time and is based on traditional and archaic view of law of nature and how it affects human dwellings. According to theory of vastushastra, world comprises of five basic elements i.e. earth, water, air, fire and space and it is very essential to maintain proper balance between these elements.

These elements heavily influence human lives and thus one must take care and understand effectiveness of these elements while constructing a building or a house. You must be thinking of buying a plot for your dream home or office but after you buy a plot, you must follow some Vastu Tips for best results like for good health, wealth, prosperity and contentment.

Myths related to Vastushastra:

  • Vastu puja at home must be done.
  • Trees should not be there around the house.
  • Impression or shadow of tree should be totally avoided in any part of the house.

Vastu Tips while Constructing a New House:

  • There must not be 5 corners in the house and if you have fifth corner, then it must be on ishan side.
  • There must be open space all around the building for proper flow of air and light.
  • Before starting the construction of the house, plot must be cleared of thorny bushes and plants. The trash and stones must be removed from the construction site.
  • Only new material should be used for the construction of the building.
  • Dig a well in N-E direction and use this ground water for the construction of the house.
  • Don’t bring disturbing piece of art like those depicting war and misery as it brings negative energy in the house.
  • Tree plantation in N-E corner should be avoided. Heavy trees must be grown on south, west or S-W side.
  • Windows and doors must be in north or east direction.
  • One must paint his/her house in light colors avoiding red and black for bringing prosperity.
  • Doors must be opened at inner side of the house not at outer side as it brings luck and positive energy in the house.

Thus, one must know that vastushastra is a science and not a deity and you must follow these simple steps to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the house.

Why NRIs Are Shifting Towards Commercial Real Estate In India?

In India, the real market for commercial one is far better professionalized and organized than the estate market of the residential sector.

NRIs are always a popular choice for the real estate developers in India and in the coming time also, it will be the same. It is not because of the financial capabilities of NRIs but they are the favorite option for real estate developers as they have an excellent ability to boost and gauge the investment trend in a new direction. For the last two years, there has been a reduction in the rate of capital appreciation that has resulted in the slowdown of the real estate market. This has shattered the expectations of the NRIs. and it was not in accordance with the investor’s expectation.

It has pushed the NRI investors to seek for the other great opportunities in the real estate connected with the commercial one as the commercial real estate is offering excellent capital appreciation along with rental yields. The whole scenario has been changed as there is a change in demand and demand is rising for the commercial spaces. These commercial spaces are required for the large-scale space requirement along with the Real Investment Trust’s formation which includes Grade A offices, logistics centers, and IT parks.

There are many cities in India such as the National Capital Region or NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune that are witnessing a vibrant demand for commercial spaces, Grade A offices, co-working units. The demand has been changed as all these cities have the demand for office spaces as the generation of business is doing great in these places. Although the demand is not matched with the supply. This imbalance of demand and supply has assured the future appreciation of office spaces in these areas. So, all these factors have pushed the demand for commercial projects.

However, this information is out for the NRI investors, but all the investors can gauge the trend of the market at the right time. Even, when the NRI investor keeps an eye on the market trend, there are still other pre-conditions that must be considered before finalizing the decision for investment. These are as follows:

Citizenship Rule: The NRI investor must have a valid Indian Passport and it is a mandatory condition for NRI and no other approval is required. But if they are the citizens of neighbors of India such as China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Type of Property: NRI can make investments in commercial and residential properties in the country except for agricultural land, farmhouses, and plantation properties. But they can receive and give such kind of properties as gifts.

Banking: all the transactions will be completed via regular banking channels only and it will be done via Indian currency through the NRI account.

Gifted or Inherited immovable: NRI investors have permission to rent and lease such kind of properties.

NRIs must pay attention to basic rules of investments and hire a good lawyer will help you in handling such cases.

5 Economical Tips To Renovate Your House

Renovation makes your house look more beautiful and helps you to utilize the available space in accordance to your preferences and requirements. It also gives a modern and contemporary touch to your property. But excitement of getting your home renovated has to be accompanied with a well-thought plan, so that your hard earned-money and times doesn’t go in vein. Renovating a home is indeed a big-task with usually needs big-budget too. Mostly people end up shelling more than they have initially decided for the renovation of their home. But if you invest a little in knowing how you can plan things correctly, for sure you can save a lot and get your dream home without digging a hole in your pocket.

Bring In The Natural Light

When renovating the house, it is imperative to think long-term cost-savings. Instead of installing fancy lights in the house, opt for options that let the natural light come in. Give way to large windows that let the natural sunlight seep into the house. If you do not want to spend extra bucks in cutting out a big hole in the wall for a window, you can also install ‘light tubes’ in the dingy areas inside the house to let sunshine funnel into the rooms. Moreover, you can also save on the labor cost spent for installing the expensive light fixtures.

Get Stuff From Auctions, Sales Or Tradies’ Sources

To save some extra bucks while renovating the house, investing in stuff from the auctions, sales and tradies’ sources is a wise bet. Research online or go around your neighborhood to find the auctions performed by those selling off their belongings. You would be surprised to see the quality of items you can find at such auctions. Moreover, online stores are always up with seasonal sales. You can make the most of this opportunity and get a number of things at a discounted price. Another great option to buy different things like tiles, wooden frames etc., at a discounted price of from the traders or the people working on your renovation. More often than not, these tradies have some remaining stuff from their previous projects which they can readily offer at a low price.

 Recycle The Discarded Items

Get creative and use your DIY skills to recycle and reuse the items clubbed and discarded in the trash category. The less used fixtures and building materials can be used once again in the renovation work. Salvage all the materials like the skylights, fittings, curtain rods, window panes etc., to reuse them in the renovation. These things can be customized and given a new touch to be used once again. In fact, the doors of the house which cast the first impression can also be installed again after giving them a fresh paint if they are in an optimal condition.

Cover Up The Rough Walls

If the walls of the house have gone too rough and require days of labor for filling and sanding the walls, it’s better to cover them up. There are various items available in the market that can be used as a cover-up for such walls. Texturglas is one such material which can be spread over a rough wall to give it a smooth and new-line texture. Wooden or tile wainscoting can also be used to cover the lower portion of the wall that is usually more damaged. The wall behind the bed or sofas can be covered up using tufted faux leather panels. Metallic wallpapers can also be used on one of the walls of the house to highlight the wall and give the room a classy yet chic look.

Install Crown Moldings Or False Ceilings

While renovating the ceiling of the house, you can save a lot of money by installing false ceilings or crown moldings. Both of them are the modern and contemporary style used for giving the ceiling a completely new look. A false ceiling can be put up at a much lower cost than the repairing and renovation of a ceiling. Moreover, crown moldings can be used to give an upgraded look to the home. You can opt for materials like plaster, wood, MDF, polystyrene, flex, and polyurethane etc., to give a new look to your ceiling at a cheap price.

Themed plotted developments attract young buyers

Themed plotted real estate complexes are increasingly attracting young buyers in India. In recent years, the real estate investment in India has increased manifold. A number of projects have come up across the country, which offers themed plotted developments to the buyers. Such projects are drawing buyers in large numbers in recent years, as they allow homeowners to develop homes that cater to their hobbies and passions. For instance, themed plotted developments have got adequate infrastructure for nature, sports activities, organic farming, and so on. These plots are being upgraded by the reputed real estate companies. These are not simple pieces of land that are connected by basic features like water supply, concrete roads, parks, and electricity. Themed complexes have been in the trend for quite some time now. Resorts, villas, and other real estate have been developed across the country by the reputed builders in India. You may check out the latest projects online in the real estate portals.

Homeowners, particularly the luxury property buyers are interested in buying these homes. These include the people belonging to the ultra-high-income group and IT professionals. Most of these people are interested in building their second homes, rather than purchasing templated properties. The developers, too, are keen to enter the micro-markets, tapping the possibilities of selling these properties here. They integrate these homes with state-of-the-art amenities in order to lure the customers. Certain housing complexes have also been developed with artificial beaches, boats, and sandboxes. These also contain many man-made designs, such as artificial forests.

The amenities in these themed plotted developments are included after considering specific situations. Therefore, these homes may come with turfs, lawns, basketball courts, clubhouse, stadium, facilities for indoor games, and so on. Many complexes in recent years have come up with yoga and acupressure facilities. Besides, these homes come with dedicated play areas for children, swimming pool, gym, and other amenities. Homeowners who buy these properties get access to the amenities, in exchange for an annual maintenance fee. For the latest updates on upcoming and ongoing projects, visit the best property portals in India.

Investors, on the other hand, too, have been investing in themed plotted developments. They have realized that these projects attract high-income buyers and are lucrative deals in the long run. Most of the key cities of the country have witnessed the development of these resorts. An additional advantage for the homeowners in these cases is the proximity of the complexes to the key areas in the city. The residents can get easy access to important places, including the commercial and business zones in the city. Besides, homeowners can get fast access to places of recreation. These developments have taken place in areas close to reputed schools and hospitals. This enables the homeowners to get fast access to these institutes. If you are willing to buy an apartment in India, you can get them customized in real estate portals. Luxurious homes have always been a fascination for homeowners. Moreover, these homes bring you an elegance you had always craved for. For property owners, this is the right time to make the investment.

Home Loan Benefits for Women in India

Buying a new home is an important milestone for every individual. Nowadays even women are earning a good income and are readily investing their money in real estate. For some, buying a home will be a necessity to support their families while others look at it as a good investment to secure their future. Whatever be the reason, owning a home gives a sense of pride and security for women. Most of the working professionals opt for a home loan as it gives the flexibility to pay back the loan through monthly installments. Women are eligible to get some additional benefits when it comes to home loans in India.

So what are the different home loan benefits for women in India?

  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Reduced Stamp Duty
  • Eligibility for High Loan Amount
  • Longer Repayment Tenure
  • Tax Benefits
  • PMAY scheme benefits

Lower interest rate

Lenders or banks offer reduced home loan interest rates exclusively for women. This is to encourage more women to buy assets in their own names and become financially independent. So if you are a woman who wishes to take a home loan in India, you can get the interest rates subsidized.

For example, if the home loan interest rate by SBI is 7.20%, then women applicants can get it reduced to 7.15%. Even though this difference seems to be small, it can give a significant reduction in the monthly EMI burden.

Reduced stamp duty:

Stamp duty is another expense that is involved in the purchase of a home loan. As part of women empowerment, different states in India offer’s stamp duty concession for women who are availing home loans. So women are eligible to get 1% or 2% reduction in stamp duty charges while buying a home. For instance, if you are purchasing a house for Rs. 50 lakhs, you may be able to save around Rs. 50,000 or more. So this becomes a substantial saving for women borrowers.

Eligibility for High Loan Amount:

Women are considered to be responsible borrowers and this gives them the eligibility to get higher loan amounts sanctioned. Along with the simple eligibility criteria, unlike male members, the process of applying for a home loan becomes much easier for women in India. For more details about the eligibility criteria, you can contact any nationalized bank.

Longer Repayment Tenures:

While male counterparts are usually offered loan repayment tenure of 20 years and 65 years age limit to repay the loan amount, female borrowers will be offered repayment tenure of up to 30 years and up to 70 years age limit to repay the loan (whichever is early). This will reduce the EMI burden, helping women pay back the amount without affecting their daily expenses. Another benefit is that women can avail loan foreclosure and part prepayments without any extra charges.

Tax benefits:

Women can avail income tax benefits on their home loan repayments. A maximum tax deduction of Rs 1.5 lakhs on principal amount and Rs. 2 lakhs on interest repayment can be availed if you have taken a home loan. These tax deductions are applicable even if the woman is a co-owner of the property and has a different source of income.

PMAY scheme benefits:

Additionally, women home loan buyers can get also avail benefits by applying for the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), a credit-linked subsidy scheme by the government. PMAY scheme offers interest subsidy up to Rs. 2.67 lakhs. Inorder to avail this subsidy, it is mandatory to have a female member of the family as owner or co-owner of a housing property. Only a limited number of applications get approved under this scheme each year and women applicants are given high preference. Many banks also offer special interest rates and benefits for women applying for this scheme.

We know that owning a house is no easy venture but with proper planning and preparations, every woman can achieve this dream just like anybody else. If you wish to know about your home loan eligibility and customized loan benefits, talk to a reliable financial advisor or you visit your bank. Purchase your dream home and take the next step towards financial independence.

Rent Vs. Buy: How To Decide In 5 Steps

There’s no doubt that buying a home is a major life decision, but is it right for you? Of course, there’s no singular correct answer as there are pros and cons to both renting and buying. A major factor in anyone’s decision-making process comes down to finances. In most cases, renting seems to be the more affordable option.

However, that’s not always the case. Your decision can boil down to several lifestyle considerations such as whether you want flexibility or stability, what your career goals are and whether you want a place to truly call your own.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should rent or buy, read on to find out what you need to consider before taking the plunge.

Renting Pros And Cons


  • Mobility/freedom to move around
  • Landlord pays for maintenance
  • Doesn’t require expensive closing costs
  • No fluctuation in monthly housing expenses
  • Allows you to test-drive different living spaces


  • You don’t build any equity
  • Limited ability to customize your living space
  • Rent could go up over time
  • Landlord might sell or decide to stop renting
  • Limited sense of home stability/permanence

Buying Pros and Cons


  • You build equity over time
  • Home value may increase over time
  • You may reap tax benefits
  • Unlimited freedom to customize your living space
  • Sense of home stability/permanence


  • Closing costs can be prohibitive
  • Responsibility for maintenance and repairs which requires time and effort
  • Less flexibility to move (at greater difficulty/expense)
  • Home value may decrease
  • Recent tax laws could hamper tax benefits

Buying A House? Look For These 7 Things

House Size Matters

You should have a general idea of what size house you want before you do too much hunting around, including a minimum and/or maximum square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need.

What size house you should buy will depend on your needs and your personal preferences. If you have a large family or plan on starting one soon, you’ll probably need to look at houses with more square footage as well as more bedrooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, if your household is just you or you and a partner, it may make more sense and be more affordable to look at smaller houses.

While one of the main upsides of having a larger house is that you have plenty of room for members of your household in addition to house guests, there are also many pros to having a smaller home. Small houses are easier and cheaper to furnish, which can be helpful if you’re just starting out. They also tend to be easier to keep clean and cheaper to maintain.

However, how small you can go before it goes from feeling cozy to cramped is also a matter of personal preference. It may be helpful to look at houses of various sizes to get a feel for what would work for you.

The Ideal Yard

Another matter of personal preference is what kind of yard you’d like. Do you want a lot of acreage, or would you prefer to avoid the responsibility that comes with having a big lawn? Maybe you want a home that sits back further from the road, providing a little more privacy.

You’ll also have to think about what kind of features you want in the backyard. You can find homes with all sorts of natural and human-made features from streams and ponds to pools, hot tubs, patios, swing sets, decks, built-in grills and more. For some home buyers, these are attractive and useful features. For others, they signal liability, expense and time commitment. Alternatively, if a backyard doesn’t currently have the features you want, is it suited to have those features added after you move in?

When considering what sort of yard would be good for you, think about lot size, maintenance requirements, how much it’ll cost to maintain and what features you’d like in both the front and back.

The House’s Exterior

Don’t let your excitement about a perfect interior make you forget the importance of a sturdy exterior.

Here are some of the main exterior components you should be sure to check out when viewing a house:

  • Roof: This is a big one, as a new roof can cost very high. Be sure to give (what you can see of it) a once-over, looking for any signs of damage. You may also want to ask how old the roof is, though you don’t necessarily need to be turned off by an older roof. A well-maintained sturdy roof can last several decades depending on the material it’s made of.
  • Foundation: Foundation problems are another issue that can cause a lot of heartache in the form of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. To spot a bad foundation, keep an eye out for cracks in the walls (particularly those around doorways or windows). Doors and windows that stick or jam are another warning sign. Ultimately you’ll want to get a professional to sign off on the state of the foundation.
  • Siding: Check out the exterior walls for any obvious signs of damage or disrepair. Look for peeling paint, rotting wood, cracks or other signs of decay.


Whether or not the house’s bedrooms are suitable for your needs will depend on what you plan on using them for. For example, families with small children might not want a house where the master bedroom is on a different floor from the other bedrooms in the house. If you plan on converting an extra bedroom into a home office, you might prefer a layout where the bedrooms are farther away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and living room. Ultimately it’s going to come down to what best fits your needs.

Again, the sizes and number of bedrooms are important considerations. However, there are plenty of other factors you should also think about including closet space, sources of natural and artificial light, views from the windows, general privacy, whether there’s an attached bathroom to the master bedroom and other factors.

One seemingly small detail that can end up being a big deal? Number and location of electrical outlets. This is especially important if the natural or built-in light in a bedroom isn’t sufficient, as you’ll be plugging in at least one or two lamps.


When you’re checking out the bathroom, make sure everything’s in working order. With the seller or agent’s permission, flush the toilets, test the faucets and even turn on the shower. Make sure the fan works. Look under the sink and around the toilet for leaks and water damage. Keep an eye out for mold as well. It may seem a little overbearing, but if you’re seriously considering buying a house you want to make sure there are no post-move-in surprises like low water pressure or plumbing problems.

Make note of what type of shower or tub each bathroom has. Is it just a shower, or is it a shower and bathtub combo? Does it have glass doors or a curtain? Is the bathtub made of porcelain or a low-quality plastic? Bathroom renovations can be costly, so make sure you’re either happy with the bathrooms as-is or prepared to pay for improvements down the line.

Living Room

What are you looking for in a living room? Do you want it to feel cozy and warm or chic and modern? Keep your ideas in mind when looking at the living room, but try not to let any current decor sway you. Instead, look at the basic layout and style of the room. Does it fit your tastes? Could you see yourself relaxing in this space?

If you already have furniture that you plan on moving into this room, how well do you see it blending with the style of the room? Buying new furniture isn’t as expensive as purchasing a house, but it isn’t cheap either. You want to make sure it’s not going to clash completely.

Consider the layout of the room as well as the location of any wall outlets. Is there an electrical and cable outlet near where you’d want to put a TV? Is the room large enough for your needs? Do you want a carpeted living room for your kids to comfortably play?

The Attic

If you get the chance to peek into the attic yourself, look for signs of leaks and damage to the roof’s structure. Be on the lookout for animal droppings as well, since that could indicate an infestation you need to worry about. Rodents in your attic can cause a lot of damage.

Also take note of the attic’s ventilation and insulation. What kind of insulation is it? Does it appear wet or water-stained? These are concerns you should mention to your home inspector.

Final Thoughts On What To Look For When Buying A House

Ultimately, every house you look at will have pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide for yourself which aspects you can’t live without, which ones you can’t live with and which ones you’re willing to compromise on.

Keep in mind that, while it’s important to consider all the aspects we discussed when hunting for your dream home, no home is going to be without at least some faults. Even your dream home might need a bathroom remodel, a new range or even a new roof. While the goal should be to find a house that satisfies most of your needs and some of your wants, no single home is going to check off all your boxes.

Buying a new home can seem overwhelming, but the whole process will be a lot more manageable as long as you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

10 Treehouses From Across The Globe For A Dreamy Getaway

1.) Mirror Treehouse, Sweden

What’s a treehouse that doesn’t help you hide out from the rest of the world? The Mirror Treehouse in Sweden offers the perfect camouflage with its mirrored exteriors. By reflecting everything from the trees and the birds to the sun and sky, this treehouse seems almost invisible in the untouched jungles. If getting lost in the jungles is your dream, this four-meter glass cube will be your perfect dream treehouse.

2.) Treehouse Point, Washington

For those who dream of luxury in the mid of nature, Treehouse Point in Washington is your answer. Located right outside Seattle in Issaquah, the Treehouse Point has all the facilities and amenities that you get in any other resort but with the added advantage of a treehouse setting. It is not just perfect for glamping but also makes an ideal vacation spot for those who love to take a nature walk around the trees and beside a river.

3.) Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland

Located in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia, the Silky Oaks Lodge is the perfect place to experience nature from within. This luxury resort overlooks the crystal clear river which makes it an even better retreat. A stay in this treehouse would help you experience tranquility. You can choose from the Daintree Treehouse, Garden Treehouse, Deluxe Treehouse, The Billabong Suite, The Lodge Suite, and the River Treehouse as per your preferences.

4.) FincaBellavista, Costa Rica

If you dream is to live in the rainforest canopies of Costa Rica and experience its natural setting from close, the FincaBellavista Treehouse should be your sole choice. You can lock yourself out of the material world outside and enjoy the company of nature in this treehouse community. Enjoy hiking, zip lining, night hiking, garden tours, birdwatching, yoga, surfing, and other excursions on your stay at this amazing treehouse.

5.) Muskosa Treehouse, Ontario

Popular as one of the coolest and the most amazing treehouses in the world, the Treehouse in Muskosa makes for a great retreat. On a dark night, this treehouse resembles a Japanese well-lit lantern in the midst of the forest. This treehouse is three-storeyed and is constructed by designer Lukasz Kos in such a way that it does not have any harmful impact on the surrounding trees of the flora and fauna of the area.

6.) Tetsu Treehouse, Japan

Hovering amid the beautiful cherry blossoms trees in Hokuto City in Japan, the Tetsu Treehouse is one of the most beautiful treehouses in the world. It is a surreal setting makes for a great escape. It is around 20 meters above the ground as is as beautiful from within as it looks from the outside.

7.) Bird’s Nest Treehouse, Sweden

As the name suggests, the Bird’s Nest Treehouse looks exactly like a huge bird’s nest amidst the forest. The way it is camouflaged in the nature and will surprise you as you step inside. Once you enter, the rustic charm fades out and you witness a classic interior with all the comfort and luxury you can ask for in a relaxing vacation. This exotic treehouse is located in Sweden and has its own spa, bar, and restroom.

8.) Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse, Canada

For the free spirited souls, the Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse in Canada offers a very unique setting for the treehouse lovers. The spherical shape of this treehouse makes it so different from others. These spheres seem like they are suspended from the space in a huge spider’s web made of rope. One can reach its rooms through a round staircase and escape into the perfect rest house while being suspended in midair.

9.) Hemloft Treehouse, Canada

An egg-shaped treehouse in Whistler, Canada has been attracting the attention of hikers in the country. If you are looking for a secret hideout deep in the woods, the Hemloft Treehouse is where you should spend your next vacation. It was built and self-funded by a carpenter Joel Allen as a labor of love. So, if you are also planning for a romantic escapade, this treehouse is your go-to place.

10.) Out N’ About Treehouse, USA

Offering a plethora of activities to all its visitors, the Out N’ About Treehouse is one of the ideal ones in Oregon, USA. A ropeway bridge, swinging between a tree and the treehouse make for an adventurous entrance. One can enjoy a number of sports like horse-riding, zip lining, swimming, etc., during their stay here.

If an escape into the nature is on your mind, booking a treehouse in one of the aforementioned locations is the ideal choice. These are some of the most unique and beautiful treehouses in the world that will make your natural getaway more amazing.

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Vastu Tips To Enhance Positive Energy Into Your House

Buying a real estate is ever so expensive in recent times, be it a residential or commercial. This calls for making an informed and smart decision before buying any property. Therefore many Indians prefer properties that are as per Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra helps create positive cosmic energy in real estate properties to ensure peace and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra is not only popular in India but is also followed by people all around the world. It is incorporated in many architectural designs while making modern-day structures. One can even hire a Vastu Consultant in India to help you design your house following Vastu Shastra to help keep the negative energies at bay. Here are a few Vastu tips to help bring positive energy to your house by making small changes.

  • Placing Religious Idols: Religious idols are always associated with positive and calming energies. Hence having religious idols or pictures will help you focus on positive energies and thoughts, thereby keeping negative energies and thoughts at bay. You can easily keep an idol of Ganesha, Jesus, etc whichever religion that you follow at your house and pray regularly to have a calming and peaceful environment.
  • Hang Wind Chimes: This is another easy and budget-friendly Vastu tip. Hanging wind chimes in your house helps to create positive energy in your living space. The soothing sound of the wind chimes is said to break the pattern of the negative cosmic energy from your house. You can easily buy colorful wind chimes with a variety of designs and patterns to add to the décor of your house.
  • Keep The Entrance Of Your House Clean: This tip not only helps to keep the negative energy away but helps to create a good first impression for your guests. You can also add small plants at the entrance of your house to make it look more inviting. It is essential that not only your house is clean and tidy from inside but outside as well. Therefore you must make sure to clean the entrance of your house regularly.
  • Use Sea Salt: Although sea salt is not commonly used in the Indian kitchen, it is believed that sea salt works as a healer. Therefore by keeping sea salt in every corner of your house in a bowl will help absorb all the negative energy inside your house. You can also make use of rock sea salt in different rooms to help fight against negative energies in your living environment.
  • Convex Mirror: This Vastu tip is very popular and known to many. Mirrors are used extensively in Vastu Shastra to help absorb negative energies in the living space or environment. One such tip is to use a convex mirror on the principle entrance of your building or house to keep the negative energies from entering your house. These convex mirrors are easily available in both markets and online at a reasonable rate.

The above-mentioned tips are only a few Vastu tips. Vastu Shastra is a vast field and provides useful and effective solutions to help bring peace, prosperity, happiness and wealth into your house. They even offer you different guidelines to ensure that disease, disasters, and depression are avoided in your living space.

Corona Virus Outbreak 2020- Affects the Real Estate Growth in India?

Today, on this severe Corona virus endemic, specialists are busy calculating the unusual human loss throughout the world. People are suffering or home quarantined due to this virus outbreak. In the meantime, consent has formed silently on the undulating opposing effect of this lethal virus spread out on the global economy too.

Expected loss for the world GDP has been assumed up to 0.2 percent till now considering COVID – 19. For God’s grace, the effect is somehow limited in India no further. But in this scenario, it is clear that Indian economy, which has already seen 4.5% low growth in July – September quarter, probably will not remain uninfluenced in this continued worldwide economic slowdown. And, the realty industry of the Indian residential market is telling a different story altogether.

COVID – 19 influences Property Market in India:

If the data collected from are analyzed together, it is clearly visible the fall of 9 crucial residential markets of India by the number of 30 percent during the October to December time gap of last year. It is deteriorating for a continued fifth time of the Q3 fiscal year 2019. The trend is similar for the launches of new projects too. From the third quarter of the last fiscal year, the act of launching new projects is facing continuous declination in the mega markets. It caused the annual fall of 44% during October to December time period.

Irrespective of all the schemes issued by the government, including minimum interest rates on home loan and maximum tax rebate on buying any residential property in India for the very first time in real estate history, all the efforts have failed to revive property demands among the homebuyers in India. They still chose to remain unaffected by all the tricks played by the stakeholders to force them going out of their fences. For example, the government took an action to restrict the GST for the affordable flats to 1%, which also went to vein.

The rate of property visits has fallen surprisingly!

Well, being influenced by the government plans, how much some consumers got interested in making property searches on the internet, the outbreak of Corona virus made them seize again from doing any such things right now. Till today on April 16th 2020, India has reported 12k+ corona positive cases. The activeness of the social media and News channels have got success in making people truly aware of the COVID – 19 and everyone tries to ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’. People are really making social distances after listening to the words of PM Modi. Presently India is on 40 day long social lockdown in order to prevent the contamination spread.

Plans for Project Delays!!

Indian real estate is largely dependent on China, which is the source for COVID – 19 outbreaks. India needs support in the matters of sourcing home furnishing essentials, construction materials, plastic to steel to electronic materials and construction tools from China. Now, India need to search for alternative sources as China is busy controlling the virus epidemic. This will shoot up project delays for sure.

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