Real Estate is REAL

Whether you’re a salaried employee or self-employed or an entrepreneur, savings and investments are one of the most important assets to accumulate wealth and secure the future.

Today, you’ve multiple options from Mutual Funds, Share Markets, Commercial Properties, Gold and Real Estate. Definitely, you’ve some handy options, whereas Real Estate isn’t as quick as the other ones to liquidate but that’s the beauty of it. You invest something in real and that’s why it’s called Real Estate. Global Experts say that instead of investing in buildings, invest in lands. As lands always bring you the sure shot returns and sometimes it is beyond ten times in just a couple of decades.
Do you know why? The reason is that land is a limited resource, unlike other investment options.

It’s all about timing and farsightedness. Keeping the future and present in mind, we have an opportunity for you today with Radhe Abode, where you can invest in residential plots at Chhabasar, Bavla which is at a distance of 34 Kms from South Bopal.

Aim high and find yourself on top!

Uttarayan reminds us to aim high and keep our heads high every new year. And Radhe Developers would be keen to take you ahead of all your friends who are struggling to buy a second home or a club membership. We wish to gift you, your own private club.

Yes, you read that right!
Why compromise on the common and shared amenities even after paying hefty membership fees?
Why not make your own private clubhouse which you always dreamt of?

Radhe Abode brings you residential plots in green lush nature starting from 700 sq. yards to 2000+ sq. yards. It starts at only RS. 50 Lakhs which is all-inclusive.

Why not design your own clubhouse?
You can have your own private pool, badminton or tennis court, kitchen garden, 12 ft. high ceiling in your drawing room, private theatre and everything you desire.

Oh Yes, and your own exotic terrace with a cafe and a tent, where you can fly kites, play your music and enjoy some hot undhiyu and jalebi with your family and friends.

So what are you waiting for?

We’re just a call away.
And your land of dreams is just 45 mins away, which is just around the same time you’d be consuming to commute from home to the office.

The Weekend Home You Are Always Looking For!

With an illustrious and trusted legacy of seven decades, Radhe Group has etched a beautiful and glorious reputation in the world of real estate. The company has developed a wide range of sprawling residential, commercial and industrial projects.
With every project, the group has proven its credibility and magnificence in the most visually and structurally confident creations. The company has offered the best and the most excellent quality in terms of material, design and efficiency. It has come to be known for the perfection and impeccable precision it has offered the clients and the city of Ahmedabad.

With the changing times and the dynamic world we live in, the company has also created and offered people exactly what they need and offered designs beyond their dreams.

One of the most pressing demands in the real estate market is the concept of weekend homes. The world we live in is under consistent changes and brings in the need to take a break from the hustle of the city. The concept of weekend homes has gained traction for modern families who wish to take mini vacations in the comfort of their own homes.

Radhe Developers have conceptualised Radhe Abode to cater to this need and offer much more than people can dream of. With the growing need for peace of mind, a fresh atmosphere and a calm private space for some cosy family time, Radhe Abode offers the perfect oasis for everyone who wishes to escape the drama of the world every once in a while.

Do you wish for a vacation that feels like home but a little away from home? Look no further, Radhe Abode has brought you the Weekend Home of your dreams at Chhabasar, near Bavla with residential plots beginning from the size of 700 sq. yds.

To find your perfect weekend home, speak to us on 97277 64997 and we are trending on Instagram, so follow us on

Land: An Investment with a Resolution to bring a Good Life!

Do you experience the urge to gift your family a lifestyle that they can cherish in the present and the future with every passing year?

The perfect answer to all your concerns about the uncertain future and the ever-changing world is an investment in peace of mind with the best piece of land!

Make a resolution this 2023 to buy your own piece of Land on this big, beautiful and unknown world of Earth!

Radhe Abode, Land of Dreams, is beyond a piece of land. Residential Plots that offer a lifestyle closer to Nature with attractive amenities to live it up to the most!


Let’s enlighten you this new year!

  • Land: A Resolution to create bigger Assets!

A piece of land in itself is convertible and can turn into any type of property ranging from personal residential to flats to farmhouses to educational institutions. Land can become a bigger asset to society and contribute to development in the form of institutions that help impart education.

  • Land: A Resolution of lower cost and higher returns!

The investment in land in itself is very lucrative because of the higher amount of return one receives when one converts a piece of land into a successful project.

  • Land: A Resolution that offers Security of all kinds!

With the fast-changing world and economic scenario, we need to invest in real estate because just a simple piece of land can offer you a safer financial future which will secure you and your family from any kind of unexpected changes like COVID and economic insecurity it brought into our lives.

  • Land: A Resolution that keeps on Giving!

With the fast-paced economy and world, faster development is a norm and that has made the value of land quite appreciative. Every area that witnesses an inflow of investment and development plans, also enjoys a quick growth in real estate prices.

Another important decision that can help you let off the stress of buying the right property is choosing the right real estate developer who can offer you the best land.

Radhe Developers, conceptualised and led by visionary leaders who have created a legacy of quality, craftsmanship and expertise have launched a unique and versatile scheme, Radhe Abode.

It is a plotting scheme in Bavla, close to Ahmedabad designed to develop a world which offers people a chance to build a second home for themselves. It is a residential scheme which offers the owners a perfect set of wonderful and rare benefits like vicinity to the abundance of nature, affordability, fresh air, a lucrative and futuristic investment option and most importantly, fits your budget.

Radhe Abode offers you the perfect opportunity to bring more peace, joy and prosperity this new year. So, stop thinking and commit to the best resolution you will ever make and become a part of Radhe Abode.

Radhe Abode will bring you, your own land of dreams with eternal peace, this New Year.

Top 5 Reasons to invest in Radhe Abode – The Residential Plots.

If you are a smart investor and wish to build massive wealth the smartest way, you would already know the importance of investing in the best real estate at the right time.
Today, we introduce to you, Radhe Abode and why you should invest in these plots located in Bavla, near Ahmedabad.

1. The Best Connectivity
Besides the amazing affordable options of plots, the location is at a short and manageable distance from Ahmedabad. The plot offers the best deal in residential plots in Ahmedabad for 50 lakhs. This location will bring you an amazing lifestyle.

2. The Best Return on Investment
These affordable plots in Bavla and Ahmedabad West offer the best return on investment one can ask for, today. One plot of this valuable land will reap you amazing lifelong rewards which will enhance your financial status and quality of life, substantially.

3. The Best Weekend Home
With the most ideal ambience and location, these residential plots and villas in Ahmedabad will become the best weekend homes and farmhouse options. It makes for a perfect destination to build your own weekend nest to relax in.

4. The Best Plot to Customize and Make it Your Own!
These residential plots will give you the perfect ambience to convert the plot into your own cosy home. You can build your own palace here with as many elements of personal touch and your personality, as you wish. It will be truly and honestly, yours. All that you ever wished for; you will find here in this Land of Dreams!

5. The Best Leadership under the trusted, Radhe Group
Most importantly, these plots are offered by Radhe Group. This brand offers a seal of trust.
With close to 96 projects to their credit, and more than 5000 happy families residing happily, Radhe Group, the name is synonymous with quality and the best in real estate. Build your very own mansion on this prime plot catered to you by a brand which radiates excellence and has built a legacy of perfection and commitment for over 75 years!

Book your preferred plot soon before the most favourable ones are sold out! Wouldn’t you want to surprise your wife with a kitchen garden, where she would love to spend her time and serve you farm-fresh veggies?! Rush now. Contact us on 97277 64997 for more details.

Radhe Abode: Dream Big and Live Bigger

Throw yourself the biggest Christmas Party, this year with Radhe Abode. We have brought you the dreamiest gift you could ever ask Santa for.

Our gift has the perfect location, 40 minutes from South Bopal!

Our gift offers the best return on investment!

Our gift offers you a land of opportunities!

Our gift can transform into the most magnificent Villa you always wanted!

Our gift comes wrapped in a lush green ambience!

Our gift, with everything encapsulated together, is the Land of Dreams!

And, it comes with an exclusive opportunity to pre-book with just Rs. 50 Lakhs!

Radhe Abode offers you affordable residential plots in Ahmedabad and areas like Bavla has ever seen.

With residential plots with a minimum area of 700 sq. yards and onwards, at the most perfect location and with great connectivity near Chabasar, Bavla, we have brought you the best deal your Christmas deserves!

Let the joy of Christmas reside in your hearts forever with the Land of Dreams that entails precious moments with your family, exclusive yoga space for grandparents, play area for kids, calming peace amidst greens accompanied with a kitchen garden for your wife, and a lot more! 

A lucrative investment option that will have an appreciation value, way beyond your imagination! Yes, that’s why it’s called the Land of Dreams!

Just call your Santa today on 97277 64997 and book your preferred location!

Why residential plots are more advisable to buy?

Living in residential plots in Ahmedabad is a dream for several people. These plots are one of the best investments that the folks can make in their lifetime. Usually, people reap huge monetary benefits when they buy residential plots. Not only do the residential plots provide some form of stability in life but also ensure a high standard of living. With spacious interiors, well-planned architecture and comfortable confines, people experience ecstasy when they live in houses with equipped with modern amenities.

Benefits of investing plotting scheme

Plots in Ahmedabad are readily available and have been built using a great architectural acumen. These properties are easy on the eyes and possess a great design. With well-equipped features such as solar panels, terraced gardens, underground water tanks, parquet flooring, 24/7 electricity generators and concrete structures, these allow the residents to enjoy the creature comforts.

Has lower investment rates

Investing in residential plots yields more benefits and the buyer usually has to pay less as compared to other houses. One can also choose the type of materials used for making the house, the foundation for it to rest on and the things to embellish the final concrete structure.

Offer high-return on investments

With time, the cost of the houses multiply offering the buyers with a higher rate on investment. You can make loads of money by purchasing plots at lower costs in the sub-urban areas.

Has a great level of transparency

For people to purchase the houses, they have to go through an easy process. There is no need for paperwork, documentation, identity proofs that elongate the process. Moreover, the letting agents have to facilitate the work of purchasing the properties. The buyers have to sign an agreement and the panel of agents looks into their previous records.

Summing it up, the process of buying residential plots in Ahmedabad has become hassle-free. People can avail all the opportunities and consult the estate agents if they come across any problems. Everything has become computerized and the buyers are allowed to exercise their free will when it comes to the design or upkeep of the property.


To avail the best properties or houses, visit Radhe Developers. The company offers the best services and has a panel of experts to execute the tasks. The team caters to the needs of the clients by providing them the house of their dreams. You can browse the housing options, drop a mail or schedule a consultation by logging onto the website.


Ahmedabad tops list of youngest realty buyers: Study

According to a joint survey of 10 cities in India by Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B) and Magicbricks (MB), Ahmedabad tops the list of youngest real estate buyers.

The survey titled Housing Sentiment Index (HSI) is jointly developed by IIM-Bangalore (IIMB) and Magicbricks (MB) and is based on an online survey of prospective home buyers after careful screening by MB and IIMB.

A total of approximately 3,000 buyers are surveyed every quarter in an online survey across 10 cities Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

The HSI index for youngest buyers in the 18-25 age group puts Ahmedabad at 131. On the other hand, Kolkata topped the list of oldest buyers in the 50 years and above age group at HSI of 131.

In terms of housing prices, the value of HSI can range from 0 to 200.

A score of 100 represents neutrality, meaning people do not expect house prices to either increase or decrease.

A score of 200 indicates that all respondents expect house prices to increase. A score of 0 indicates that all respondents expect house prices to decrease.

The index also highlighted price sensitivity among real estate buyers in Ahmedabad.

The city saw 62 per cent of those earning less than Rs 10 lakh per annum (HSI 84) look to buy in Ahmedabad while 30 per cent plan to buy in Gurgaon (HSI 144).

Moreover, over 51 per cent of those living in their own houses intend to buy property for residential purpose, implying a move to a bigger/better residence. In Ahmedabad such respondents are 60 per cent (HSI 83).

Among other factors, Bangalore has the maximum IT crowd (51 per cent, HSI 141) while Ahmedabad has maximum self-employed (25 per cent, HSI 92) and retirees (4 per cent). Noida which increased by 33 per cent in the previous quarter, fell by 4 per cent to 124 while Hyderabad fell by 4 per cent to end at 97.

Ahmedabad is the only other city with an HSI below 100.

In Ahmedabad, of the buyers 59 per cent want to purchase property within the next six months (HSI 102) while 22 per cent are ready to wait a year or more (HSI 105).

The HSI survey is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore-Century Real Estate Research Initiative (IIMB-CRERI) which was set up through a grant from the Century Real Estate as well as Magicbricks.

5 Factors That Affect The Market Value Of Your Home

A house is made of walls and beams; a home is made of love and dreams. In fact, we spend our lifetime savings to buy the best house for our family. A home is, indeed, a lifetime investment and if by any chance, we have to put it out in the listings for sale, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that it fetches the best possible price. There are many factors that can affect the price of your home. From the location and connectivity to the basic amenities and the upgrades made, anything can affect the market value of your home. That said; here are the 5 major factors that can appreciate or depreciate your home value.

To get this, before analyzing the property trends and rushing to property agents the first thing you should do is to identify the major factors that affect the market value of your home.

#1 House Age And Renovation

The age of your house is also instrumental in affecting the price of your house. We’re not talking about the historic-type old houses here, they undoubtedly fetch a big sum; what we’re talking about are the houses that are three to five decades old. Such houses can be a hard sell. However, if the timely renovation have been done and the house is decked up with all the latest amenities and interiors like a modular kitchen, well-tiled modern bathroom, and other necessary upgrades, it will definitely appreciate the value of your home a notch higher.

#2 Location

The top factor that can be decisive in determining the value of your house is the location. Where your house is located, whether it is nearby schools and higher education institutes or not, what are the nearby medical facilities and how connected the area is in terms of transportation; all these play an important role in raising or dropping the market value of your house. Proximity to local markets, shopping complexes and, recreational centers also plays an important role in determining the value of your home.

#3 History Of The Place

If your home has had some history like getting flooded, pest attack or fire incident, it may attract fewer buyers as they may doubt the strength of the foundation. Other negative events like a suicide, criminal activity or sudden death may also be a reason for buyers to put a low price for your property. Any negative event in the history of the house can make your home a hard sell and depreciate its value.

#4 Parking Space

Lack of parking spaces is increasingly becoming an important issue in metropolitans as well as in cities and towns. According to a recent study, having a single parking space added to the house can increase the property value by up to 5%. The reason being that 90% of the populace today has a vehicle of their own and would certainly show more interest in a property where they can park their vehicles safely than the ones that do not offer this facility. No wonder that parking space availability act as a major decisive factor for the price rise or drop for residential & commercial properties for sale.

#5 Distance From Commercial Hubs And Industries

A house located near a commercial hub attracts more buyers than one that is at a located far away. Buyers seek a house in a location that is easy to commute from their offices, and if your house is near a commercial hub, more buyers would be interested in the property. So, if your house is near an IT hub or any other business and commercial hub, your house value would certainly increase. Contrary to that, if your house is located near an industry, chances are, it may have a negative effect on the property price. Industries give away toxic pollutants in the surrounding and even make a lot of noise; therefore, buyers tend to stay away from houses near an industry which depreciates the value.

How to save Money on Home Decoration?

Are you planning to decorate the look of your residential property but fear that it will make a huge impact in your pocket? Then stop worrying! There are numerous ways by which you can save a lot while ensuring the best interior for your home. Following are some of the sure-shot ways that will give a new look to your valued residential property without being too impact on pocket.

First of all, make a list of the changes you want to see in your home in a priority order. Do extensive research keeping into consideration the cost factor. Moreover, you can go for unfinished furniture goods and provide finishing touch to it later to save money.

Selecting the right Contractor is a decisive factor in this regard. Inform the contractor about your requirements in detail. Ask him about his plans and suggestions for improving the look of your home within the budget. Give him a go-ahead signal only when you are satisfied with his ideas.

It is better to use Cost Effective Methods of Decorating your house rather than using high-end products that serve the same purpose but are very expensive. For instance, you can buy simple yet elegant wall papers for the walls of your drawing room to enhance its appearance instead of hanging expensive scenery.

Since a huge amount of expenditure is incurred on the daily wage of the laborers, make sure that they are highly experienced and skilled in their work. Moreover, fix the income of the laborers beforehand so that once the work begins, there is absolutely no hindrance.

Appropriate lighting may also help you to create a new look for your home within the budget. There are several attractive but pricey mood lighting systems that may attract you but going for the cost effective CFL bulbs is more sensible. These lights are available in various shapes and styles. Moreover, you can use tubes and bulbs with different light intensities for different sections of your home.

Some innovative thinking backed by extensive research can help you get a new look for your residential property right within your budget, which will be admired by one and all.