» 5 Vaastu Tips To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

March 14, 2020

Vaastu Shastra, the Indian science of architecture, has a remedy for all your problems. Whether it is related to health, prosperity, finances, or bringing in positivity in the home, a Vaastu consultant in India can wave his wand and eliminate all the negativity. While there are numerous Vaastu Shastra accessories like laughing Buddha, horse shoe amulet,  Gomati chakra tree, turtles, that can be added in a home to fill it with positivity, there are many Vaastu tips as well that can help you get rid of all the negativity and welcome only the positive vibes. If you also want to fill your home with positivity and get rid of all the negativity from your home, here are some tips you can follow.

Bring Nature To Your Home
Nature is one of the most powerful tools that are always oozing with positivity and serenity. If your aim is to bring in some positive vibes in your home, add a touch of natural greens here and there in each room. There are a number of indoor plants that one can choose from to place inside the house. Whether it is your bedroom, your living room, the study room, or even the bathroom, adding some plants would definitely bring in the positivity. You can use flowers like roses, lilies, daisies, etc., to arrange in a vase, you can bring in the good luck bamboos as a center piece, or simply get a money plant to crawl around the walls to cut down the negativity and positive energy flow inside.

Sprinkle Magic With A Bowl Of Salt
A bowl of salt can work wonders in filling your home with positivity. Salt, a symbol of purification, is said to absorb all the negative energy from your home and pave way for positive energy to fill in. By eliminating all the negativity, a bowl of salt sprinkles magic in your home. For those who have negativity looming in your home, a simple bowl of sea salt is what you need to boost positivity. The North-East and the South-West directions are ideal for placing a bowl full of sea salt in your home. This purifies the home and cleanses it of any negative energy.

Let The Sun Get In
An important Vaastu factor for bringing in positive energy is the sun. The placement of windows, doors, and ventilators in the house should be in such a way that ample of sunlight is peeking inside the home. The sun is a great source of energy and this energy should be utilized rightly, every day. During the construction itself, the direction should be taken into consideration to ensure sunlight falls in from sunrise. Also, ensure that the curtains and blinds of the house are opened every morning to let the morning sun rays spread and seep in and remove all the darkness and dullness from the mind, body, and souls of those living in the house.

Add a Musical Element
Wind chimes are one of the most effective Vaastu tools in eliminating the negative energy and adding a touch of positivity in the premise. Placing it at the entrance doors or the windows is a great idea to break the negativity and let positivity and tranquility fill the soul. They have a gentle tinkering sound which enables the positive energy to linger in the home and fill it with prosperity and serenity.

  • North Direction: Metal wind chimes should be the choice in north to give way to career opportunities
  • West Direction: For good luck in the lives of children, metal wind chimes should be hung in this direction
  • South Direction: Wooden wind chimes can be hung up on any southern door or window to attract fame
  • East Direction: For the rapid growth of the family members, wooden wind chimes can be hung in this direction

Paint Your Home InVaastu-Friendly Colors
The colors you choose to paint your home have a strong effect on the vibe of your home. You need to be very careful while choosing the colors for your home to break the monotony, maintain the décor, while also boosting positivity. While white and lighter hues are ideal for filling the room with serenity and peace, adding pops of colors here and there in the house will only ensure positivity in the home.