» 12 Popular Home Décor Trends

March 28, 2020

Tiny Homes

I’m pretty sure that 2015 was the Year of the Tiny Home, but the craze appears to be continuing in 2016. With several new television shows about pint-sized dwellings, I’ve grown to love and appreciate the creativity that goes into designing tiny homes.

The truth is, tiny homes, which range typically between 100 and 400 square feet, provide an affordable and adventurous lifestyle. On average, these homes cost less than $30,000 and many homeowners can travel the country by putting their home on a trailer. Not only do tiny homes provide a flexible lifestyle, but they are typically built with eco-friendly materials and energy efficiencies.

Quicken Loans doesn’t finance tiny homes without a permanent foundation at this time.

Tech Touches

Millennials were born between the 1980s and the 2000s, are one of the first generations to grow up in the digital technology era. Their need for technology seems to be driving the growing technology trends in home décor. Furniture and our homes are becoming more technologically integrated with our lives. Whether they are robots, smart appliances or app-operable gadgets, our homes can be considerably more digitized in 2016.

A new batch of energy-efficient gadgets, like smart thermostats, can help you control your home’s climate and save you money at the same time. Modern thermostats allow you to adjust your heat and air conditioning remotely via your phone or the web to heat or cool your home when you need it most. This allows you to save energy and money it costs to heat and cool your home. A few smart speakers and a streaming device for your TV can go a long way!

Peacocks and Peacock Feathers

For a couple of years, the majestic and elegant look of peacocks and feathers have been a popular design choice. You’ll find home décor inspiration in use of the rich blue and green colors, peacock feathers and peacock icons on decorative accents. Peacocks have been considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world and have long been perceived served as a symbol of prestige.

Its rich blue and bold green can give your home a touch of royalty in 2016. The peacock fad has also spilled over into jewelry and art.

Back to Nature

Many of us are getting closer to nature these days, since the outdoors should be a popular trend next year. Decorators are expected to continue using more potted plants, green walls, plant-inspired items, greenery art and accessories.

The good news is that there’s greenery out there to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you prefer cacti, artificial plants or an urban garden, it’s a good way to inject beauty, tranquility and an earthy feel into your living space.

Mixed Metals

We’ll continue to see more metals and minerals used in the home with materials like wood and stone to create a chic décor. Gleaming gold, silver and copper, paired with steel and glass, is an inventive way to create an earthy flair.

Home accessories such as pendants, knobs, door handles and faucet are ways to infuse your room with mixed metals. Incorporating these shimmering and sparkly metallics give your home some distinct bling.

Cowhide Inspiration

Cowhide can be a perfect accent texture for 2016 with a contemporary and warm design aesthetic. I haven’t been able to escape cowhide inspiration in the home stores I’ve visited. It’s on on pillows, area rugs, throw blankets and even artwork.

Cowhide is not a new concept, but it’s a classic that has come back in style. You don’t have to be cowgirl to appreciate these home accents.

Going Green

Being environmentally conscious is in for 2016. Repurposing, recycling, reusing and reinventing materials is becoming more prominent when it comes to home construction and décor. Reused items, such as distressed wood and glass, can create an old and charming look. Using repurposed flooring, cabinets, bathroom vanities and woodwork can also be a less expensive decorating method.

Eco-friendly flooring materials that are becoming popular include cork, bamboo, recycled metal, ceramic and rubber. Using aluminum, steel, paper, concrete alternatives and salvaged wood are trendy in kitchen and bathroom design. The key is finding new uses for old things and reinvesting in pieces you’ll love and enjoy for years.

Global Prints

Next year you’ll see plenty of Bohemian- and African-inspired textiles in stores. These prints are inspired primarily by North Africa, the Middle East, India, South America and China. Fabrics and materials like tweeds and mohair match well with neutral and dark colors.

The popularity of ethnic décor can also be seen through the popularity of handmade products and basketwork. Hand-woven items and hand-knotted rugs pair well with exotic leopard, cheetah and zebra prints.

Bold Statements

Bold colors are an effective way to make a statement in any room in your house. Hot colors include yellow-green, royal blue, turquoise and all shades of pink. Colorful wallpaper, throw pillows and accent furniture pieces can light up your home.

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your décor in unexpected places such as wall stickers, lighting, greenery and curtains. Bold colors are a way great to boost the vibe.

Geometric Mixes

They’re back! I’ve always appreciated the classic inspiration of geometric designs. In 2016, geometric patterns are popular again in flooring, ceramic tiling and decorative accents.

Honeycomb, fish scale and herringbone patterns are simple, calming and clean. Geometric shapes and lines are ways to create an interesting accent or add versatility to your decor.

Texture Contrast

Trendsetters are getting more creative every year at incorporating natural textures and artisan fabrics into décor concepts. Whether its suede, brown leathers, woven fabrics or beads, textures are a playful way to add depth and variety to a room.

Fur and faux fur will be big in 2016 because they add elements of comfort and elegance. Using the power of textiles is the secret sauce to a homey feel.

Black and White

Black and white will probably never completely go out of style, although the color combination is more widely used in Europe. According to home décor expert Robert DeFalco, say the combination, coupled with gray interiors and organic elements will be big next year.

The color combination may just have on again-off again popularity much like sheepskin textiles and traditional subway tiles. Black and white décor is a practical concept but maybe more impactful by incorporating an accent color.

Updating the look of your home can often be costly. But rest assured that the tips offered here can help you introduce these design trends on a budget.

The ultimate goal of home décor is creating a space where you are happy and in which you’re comfortable. Everything else is less important. If you’d like to share other 2016 décor trends, please do so below.